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Women Are Dominating The Mobile Gaming Market

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With rapidly increasing genres of gaming being released into the market, the interest in gaming has been thrown open to people of different genders, ages, and social affiliations. Prior to the last decade, traditional games mostly appeared in consoles, PC, and laptop games – all of which are expensive.

Games are believed to be more of a man’s thing than a woman’s; this belief even dates back to consoles and computer games. However, statistics suggest that women are more of mobile game consumers than men are.

In this article, we will explain how women are currently dominating the mobile gaming market.

What type of women play mobile games?

Mobile games have been subject to positive reception by women, especially those games with central themes that women can relate with. Connecting with a mobile game usually drives more passion from women, thereby resulting in their continued patronage and gaming on such games, where necessary. In this regard, the demographics of women playing mobile games aptly encompasses all!

A 2017 research by Google Play found that all-female demographics in the US play mobile games. In detail, it found that 49% of mobile game players are women, while 65% of US women between 10 to 65 years old play mobile games. Furthermore, 60% of females in the US play mobile games frequently (daily), which is more than 47%, male players. The research also revealed that with 64%, more women prefer playing mobile games to all other games, as against the 38% men who prefer it.

In terms of excitement by the gameplay, 60% of women admitted that playing mobile games gets them pretty much excited. In Norway, where there are 1.3 million mobile game players, Statista gathered that 51% of interviewed females play mobile games, while 26% of boys play mobile games.

What mobile games do women play?

A 2017 survey by Quantic Foundry, a consumer-based gaming research company, found the following 5 genres patronized more by female gamers:

  • Match 3 games;
  • Family / Farm Sim;
  • Casual Puzzle;
  • Atmospheric Exploration Games;
  • Interactive Drama Games;

Just like men, women also love to make money using their gaming knowledge to play cash-rewarding games of luck. We have seen quite a number to be fully convinced that women are good at it too! This is the norm in Canada, where many women are drawn to making money from bingo and online slots. In a study from 888Casino, 60% of all women gamblers prefer bingo. However, most men prefer sports betting.

In acknowledgment of the casino prowess of women, Casumo, an online casino, offers women a unique range of casino games such as slots for women. You can read more about the casino and the games available in this Casumo casino review.

mobile gaming woman phone

Few games are made for women

According to the survey by Google Play, 44% more of the 100 highest revenue-generating games on Google Play store, have male icons. It reported that a higher number of female mobile gamers still believe that only 30% or less mobile games are designed for women. 27.8% of females, transgender, and other genders are represented in the overall making of games. These figures show that few games are targeted at women, who clearly should be fully considered and incorporated into the gaming scene.

Women are more inclined to spend money on mobile games

The aforementioned Google Play survey shows that females who play mobile games are averagely 37 years old. Every 1 out of 3 female players would love to pay for mobile games and possibly stake real money on them. Every 2 out of 3 female mobile game players watch YouTube gaming videos to sharpen their play skills. All these figures illustrate the fact that women would more likely spend money to play mobile games, provided such games are exciting and captivating.

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