You Won’t Believe What These Kids Invented!

What do popsicles, earmuffs, trampolines and water talkies have in common? They’re all invented by kids! If it weren’t for kid inventors, our world would be without tons of amazing innovations—and let’s face it, a world without creamsicles would suck.

Here are four incredible inventions created by children:

Water Talkie

water talkie (1)

The Water Talkie, a must-have for every swimmer, was created by 11 year old Richie Stachowski. While vacationing in Hawaii, he dreamt of talking underwater with his father and friends. He turned his dream into a reality with the water talkie, which enables swimmers to communicate with each other within a 15ft range. Whether or not you can use it to communicate with mermaids has yet to be discovered!


trampoline (1)

Following a trapeze show, 16 year old George Nissen was impressed with how the nets caught the artists. He wanted to continue the fun by jumping up and down. He then, reached new heights with his “bouncing rig” idea by inventing the trampoline.


popsicle (1)

The discovery of the Popsicle was a happy coincidence by 11 year old Frank Epperson. He made the creation by leaving soda water powder and water in a glass then left the stirring stick in the mixture. The mixture had frozen and bam the Popsicle was invented.


earmuffs (1)

Bundling up and wrapping a scarf around his head just didn’t do it for 15 year old Chester Greenwood. He created a frame and his grandmother sewed in beaver skin trim to make it complete. We’re so glad the earmuffs have transformed since then and are now a cute winter must-have!

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