Work Tips: Retail Store Managers On How To Stand Out At Your Job

by Joanna Goorevitch


Are you the grocery bagger, busboy/girl or even the person holding the challenging job of sweeping the floors? Here is advice from the store managers themselves on what you need to stand out and shoot straight to the top of the retail workforce food chain.

1. Mango is a funky clothing store that has taken Canada by storm with its feminine, sophisticated, and trendy styles. An assistant manager there let us know that employees must be fast learners and have strong work ethics. She won’t handle laziness or people who slack off.


2. Aldo is famous for their elegant shoes and fun accessories. It’s no wonder store manager Aaron Huynh looks for employees who are hard working, responsible, knowledgeable, and energetic.

3. Sal Santiaga, a manager at American Eagle (known for their casually luxurious designs) told us it’s important for employees to “take ownership of responsibilities.” He adds, “it disappoints me when my employees don’t have dynamic personalities.”

4. Hip and glamourous Guess has thrown several teens into a fashion frenzy. Manager Son Chau confessed how much he loves it when employees go above and beyond their mandatory duties. “It’s also great when an employee has a contagious personality!”


5. Starbucks Canada’s marketing manager Sharon reported “as long as employees enjoy what they’re doing and treat customers and other partners with respect, I’m happy. We really like engaging and outgoing people. We recognize the relationship between our success and the strength and vitality of the communities in which we do business.



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