Working Abroad With French Artist Thomas Comas

Thomas Comas

Thomas Comas, a musician from Nice, France, took an incredibly bold move and travelled across the world to pursue his passion. Spending a month here in Toronto and working hard in the studio every day to record his newest album has been challenging but well worth it.

Thomas is very talented and can play numerous instruments including: the piano, drums, acoustic, electric and bass guitars and he has even written over a hundred songs by himself – talk about impressive! Being in the business for a few years now, Thomas knows how much drive and compassion it takes to pursue your dream – even if that means stepping outside of your comfort zone and entering a foreign country.

A lover of rock and the blues, Thomas strives to inspire others through his music and shares details with Faze regarding his upcoming album and offers advice on working abroad.

What is it like working in a different country?

Thomas: It’s better because you can see and experience another culture which is really good for my music. Here in Canada everyone speaks English which has been helping me to speak English too. I think Canada is a really beautiful country.

Do you find it’s hard to stay connected with friends and family back in France?

TC: Yes. My friends and girlfriend miss me and sometimes I get sad because of that but it’s good to be away sometimes. I can talk to them through Facebook, but it’s not like them being here you know? When I’m upset, I listen to music or will play the guitar by myself and it makes me feel better.

Thomas Comas

What do you like most about Toronto?

TC: The culture! I went to the CN Tower and the (Rippley’s) Aquarium and I loved it. It was a very beautiful thing to do.

What advice would you offer someone living abroad?

TC: Get to know and experience another culture and not just stay in your own culture so you can bring a little bit back of another culture back inside you to bring back home. It becomes a part of you. Visit the cities as much as you can and open up your mind to how others live. Also, always be confident with everything you do.

You’ve composed over a hundred songs, what motivates you to keep writing?

TC: I keep writing because it’s the only thing I can do in my life and it is my passion so I have no issue doing it.

What inspires you?

TC: I find inspiration from looking around me. My life inspires me and the music I listen to inspires me, but mostly what is going on in my life.

Who are your music inspirations or idols?

TC: My music inspirations are Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, and I like Dubstep.

What can fans expect from your new album?
TC: My fans can expect something punchy, melodic and rock. There’s Reggae, Rock and Pop. So it’s a mix of everything. My singles are going to be “Dreams” and “Are You Involved?”.

Is there a release date set already?

TC: There’s not a release date now, but it will most likely be released online in January.


Thomas Comas and his song Till The End:


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