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Yoga Tree Wants To Be Your #FitnessInspiration

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Get into Warrior pose, ladies! The New Year is just around the corner.

“I want to be healthier” is the most common New Year’s resolution. How many of us start off with a few great weeks of eating healthier and incorporating a bit of exercise into our lifestyle before that routine dies off around March? Doesn’t it feel like an uphill battle, or like we’re at war with ourselves to get active? It doesn’t have to be that way! For a little #fitnessinspiration and to help you ease into your new healthier lifestyle before the New Year, Faze caught up with Debbie Fung, the co-founder and co-owner of the Toronto area chain of yoga studios Yoga Tree.

How did you get involved with yoga?

Debbie Fung: I discovered the healing powers of yoga after originally doing it to help treat my scoliosis. After years of yoga practice, it was cured! That is when I truly began to understand how one’s physical and mental health can be so positively affected by yoga.

What do you personally love about yoga?

DF: Aside from yoga’s top-to-toe toning benefits, it helps me stay focused and find mental clarity. I apply the knowledge and serenity experienced in my yoga practice to all aspects of my life.

Yoga Tree Yonge Street

Why would integrating a yoga class into one’s weekly schedule be beneficial?

DF: Yoga has so many benefits; it’s hard to list them all! One noteworthy benefit is that yoga improves blood circulation, which helps rejuvenate your skin. Yoga also helps increase flexibility and improves your digestion system as well.

What’s the major difference between yoga and working out at the gym?

DF: Yoga can be just as beneficial as going to the gym, but it is also about calming the mind through a combination of breathing and physical poses, which cannot be done by working out at the gym.

Is it true that yoga will help you lose weight?

DF: Yes, it can. Hot yoga in particular, which is yoga in a room heated to 38 degrees, helps speed up your metabolism to lose weight.

Is it true that yoga is all of the cardio you need?

DF: Different yoga classes offer different benefits. Some offer enough cardio, while others have a stronger focus on relaxation, for example.

Yoga Tree Toronto

What makes the Yoga Tree at Bay & Dundas different from other yoga studios?

DF: The Bay & Dundas studio is our largest one yet! This 10,000 square foot studio has some incredible amenities that are unique to its location, such as:

  • Canada’s first and only Kombucha bar;
  • a state-of-the art infrared sauna;
  • a wellness centre, where Yoga Tree members have access to healthcare professionals, such as massage therapists and naturopathic doctors;
  • 200 cubbies that you can rent for storing your gear at the studio—perfect if you’re tired of carrying around a yoga mat all day!
  • innovative humidity control in all rooms to ensure you only sweat the intended amount;
  • custom-made doors that are soundproof and heatproof, while also providing insulation;
  • shower-area floors designed to absorb moisture and avoid excess puddles and mess in the change room.

Is yoga for everyone?

DF:  Yes, yoga can be for everyone! Yoga is offered in various forms, and each form has its own pace and style. Yoga Tree studios offer eight styles of yoga, which allows people with different preferences to enjoy different classes!

With five locations, eight types of yoga, over 800 classes a month, as well as online reservations and walk-in appointments, the Yoga Tree is making it exceptionally easy to start your New Year’s resolution early. Plus, they have a special student plan! So go ahead, strike that Warrior pose!

Yoga Tree Yonge Street

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