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“Youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow. Youth are the leaders of today! Viewed as being “too young” and “too inexperienced,” we are underestimated in society. Yet, this vulnerability is our greatest asset. It is our lack of experience that inspires fresh, unbiased perspectives. Society often pressures us to choose practicality over passion; to forgo our ambitious dreams and lead an average life. It is our turn to be heard, but it is our responsibility to make ourselves recognizable. This is the YOU Effect!” – Kelly Lovell, founder of the YOU Effect.

Kelly Lovell is a motivational speaker who wants to show the world that youth have what it takes to be successful and achieve all of their dreams if we just stay true to ourselves, work hard and never let our passions die.

Growing up, Kelly faced a lot of hardships in school. Being an overachiever and academic, Kelly enjoyed being on student council, getting good grades and being involved in many extracurricular activities, but she was still seen as an outsider and bullied.

There was a point in her life when Kelly realized that she didn’t really know who she was and it bothered her. As she started to find her voice through volunteering, she wanted to share her experience with her peers but instead of sharing it over coffee, she decided to it in front of 7000 people at WE Day! From that moment on, she knew that inspiring and motivating people to be the best they can be is what she really wanted to do.

Kelly Lovell and me on the pink carpet the #YOUeffect launch.

Kelly Lovell and me on the pink carpet the #YOUeffect launch.

Faze sat down with Kelly to talk about the YOU Effect and asked for advice on how to follow your dreams!

What is your ultimate goal for YOU Effect?

Kelly Lovell: My ultimate goal for YOU Effect is to become a global platform for young people to go to for entertainment, but to also seek guidance and support – a place to connect with peers to help them achieve their dreams.

Why do you think that so many young people are pressured into giving up their dreams?

KL: I think [that] a lot of young people are told to give up their dreams because it’s unreliable or it’s an unknown [dream]. There are so many different careers out there and just because they’re not considered the traditional and practical ones, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful! It’s about being daring enough to write your own success story and not walk in someone else’s shoes.

You mentioned how important it is to surround yourself with uplifting and positive people and to not listen to all of the “NO’s” in life. What advice would you offer to someone to help them avoid these negative messages?

KL: People are always going to first point out what you can’t do instead of what you can do, or why something can’t work instead of all of the reasons why it actually could. My best advice is let the doubts fuel your motivation to achieve! The more you’re told you can’t do something, let that push you forward. There are so many “no’s” in this world and if you let that be your fuel, then you will be unstoppable! Oftentimes, bullies are just sensing your potential, they sense a light about you or your uniqueness and it’s the very thing that’s making you unique that will lead to your success. So my best advice for everyone out there is to embrace that very trait – that’s how you beat your bully. Just shine and be successful in your own uniqueness and the rest is history!

Canadian artist Anastasia A checks out the  Emulator Elite at the #YOUeffect Media Launch Party in Toronto.

Canadian artist Anastasia A checks out the Emulator Elite at the #YOUeffect Media Launch Party in Toronto.

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