Britain’s Young Guns Take On North America

Not every rock band has the opportunity to perform in one of Europe’s largest music festivals and gets the chance to open for such a huge name like Seether for their first-ever American tour, but UK’s Young Guns have done just that, making 2012 a jam-packed year.

Young Guns
And with the release of their second album, Gustav, Fraser, Ben, John and Simon are taking the music world by storm with their unique sound and energetic stage presence.

Their new album, Bones, was recorded in Thailand, which was an amazing experience in itself for the band. “It was about being inspired by where we were and having a bit of that energy and enthusiasm make its mark on the record itself,” says Gustav, the band’s lead vocalist.

Being able to get out and experience something different really made a positive impact on the guys and they’re proud of the final product. Featuring songs such as “Towers” and “Dearly Departed,” they describe it as the strongest collection of material they’ve ever written.

Intern Christina Dun with Young Guns
Intern Christina Dun with Young Guns

They’ve been promoting this album and performing at various shows, but when it comes to choosing whether they prefer touring or hitting the festival scene, it was a tough call. “If you play your own shows, you know you have a crowd there that knows your songs, whereas when you play a festival you have to work the crowd a bit more because there’s a lot of people who might just be passing by,” says Fraser. “Festivals are some of the biggest shows we’ve ever done and recently we did Reading Festival and it’s probably one of our favourites. They’re both good, but they’re just different.”

These five guys admit they are living a bit of a rock star life, but describe how it’s much more than that. “You don’t get paid a lot of money, but you’re collecting a really great body of life experiences, which I think is worth a lot more,” says Gustav. “I think, also, it’s the satisfaction that comes from doing something that you love. If it goes well, there’s a rewarding feeling that you just can’t get from anything else.  It’s just the best thing in the world.”

They are currently getting to explore more of the US on their tour with Seether and will continue bringing their music to new audiences. We’re looking forward to hearing more from this talented group as they gain a bigger fan base over here on Canadian soil!

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Young Guns

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