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A Young Justin Bieber Sits Down For A Q&A With Faze

Faze Magazine had a chance to chat with Canada’s singing sensation Justin Bieber (cue the screams) about his take on school, girls, and being heard.

Justin Bieber with Dana Krook from Faze

What would you say is the worst advice you’ve ever been given?
I surround myself with great people, so I don’t get bad advice.

What about the best advice?
To stay humble and grounded through everything.

What is your biggest parental pet peeve?
My mom is annoying in general (laughs). I think at 15 years old, moms are just annoying—it doesn’t matter what they do. I mean, I love her to death! She’s amazing.

What about school can sometimes drive you crazy?
Teachers, a lot of the time; they just like to control, like they don’t really care. I had a teacher [once], and she would teach a lesson before class, like right when we got in, and then she’d say “okay, do it.” And I would ask a question and she would be like, “I already taught the lesson, you should have listened!” So, I didn’t get it.

What is the worst thing a girl can do in a relationship?

What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome to be where you are today?
I didn’t go out and try to find a record deal, it kind of found me. So I didn’t really have struggles there.

Do you ever struggle to have your voice heard about where you want your career to go?
No…I have a great lawyer; he takes care of everything…I pay him, so he better listen to me! (laughs)

On meeting Usher…

It was great; I met him in the parking lot randomly. I got to meet him and sing for him and stuff. Then he signed me and I flew to L.A. and met with Justin Timberlake. Then they were, kind of like, almost in a bidding war, but then I ended up signing with Usher at Island Records.

On Justin Bieber fans…
My fans are great because I wouldn’t be in this position without them! I started on YouTube and then [they were] watching my videos and [that] really sparked everything. I wouldn’t be in this position without them.

Justin Bieber for Faze Magazine


  • discovered on YouTube by Scooter Braun
  • now has over 80 million views on YouTube
  • guest starred in an episode of True Jackson, VP
  • can be seen in the Nickelodeon movie School Gyrls
  • given the chance, would love to perform with Beyonce
  • on September 26, 2009, during the live filming of YTV’s The Next Star finale, Justin performed 2 songs and received a plaque for his single “One Time” going platinum in Canada
  • his debut album My World is in stores now—check it out!


Oh, and Justin Bieber finally made the cover of Faze Magazine, for our special 10th anniversary issue!

Here’s Justin Bieber’s video for “One Time”:

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