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5 Beautiful Ways To Tap Into Your Inner Sparkle

5 tips to help you glitter from the inside out!!


#1: Smile

Nothing makes you sparkle more than a friendly smile. It’s a silent way of breaking the ice and a great way to make someone’s day.

Pink Dye Hair Pretty Girl Inner Sparkle

#2: Be True To Your Word

People will be dazzled by your dependability and reliability. If you say it — then do it!

girl-cellphone-bed- Inner Sparkle

#3: Pay Attention

A sure way to make your personality shine and shimmer is to pay close attention to the person you’re speaking with: make lots of eye contact and don’t get distracted by what’s
going on around you.

Watching a Movie friends

#4: “Say” Your Appreciation

Go out of your way to let people know that you appreciate what they’ve done for you, and you’ll be sure to brighten up their day.
friends hug

#5: Don’t Be a Gossip

Nothing can dim your glimmer like the ugliness of gossip. Don’t be the one to spread it or even listen to it — after all you’ve got way better things to do!

Best Friends Sara Cauchon and Joy Olimpo

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