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What Is Your Favourite Summer Olympic Sport?

Photos and interviews by Cindy Brown and Jennifer Miconi

Another in our Whaddya Think series, where we ask students for their opinions…


What is your favourite summer Olympic sport?

Kathleen G., 17
My favourite summer sport is gymnastics. It seems like everyone has fun with the event. One thing I love about the summer Olympics is how the whole world comes together to show each other what they are made of. Canada may not do the best this year but it doesn’t matter if we win or not because the Canadians always try their best and give their all.

Alexandra M., 15
Track and field and gymnastics are what I’ll be watching this summer but beach volleyball will be what I follow closely as it’s the only sport which I am truly passionate about.

James M., 16

I don’t watch a lot of the summer Olympics except for tennis, since I play it. I watch more of the winter Olympics. Canada always does great when it comes to hockey. I think hockey is the most liked

Rany L., 18
My favourite sport in the summer Olympics is swimming. I can’t swim, so it amazes me how smoothly and fast the swimmers go. I never really pay attention to who wins or loses; I just like to watch them swim. Olympic athletes have so much talent; just to make it to the Olympics must be a dream come true for them.

 Alex R., 16
There are no summer sports that interest me enough to want to watch them on TV. I am more of a winter Olympics fan. Hockey is my favourite sport.

Linda N., 18

My favourite Olympic sport is gymnastics, both male and female. I try to watch the summer Olympics, and when I do I get really excited and into the games. I hope Canada will do better than the last summer Olympics; we have some good teams this year.

Jay M., 18

I’m more of a winter sport person but the one sport I will definitely watch this summer is soccer. Being a soccer player myself, it’s the one sport that gets my adrenaline going; I can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of the game. 

Tikima B., 17

I’m not a sports fan nor do I watch TV that often so I won’t be following the summer Olympics. I can’t help but feel that there are other things I can be doing in the summer than sitting around and watching TV. 

Julia F., 16

I don’t usually take an interest in sports since I’m not an athlete myself, but if I am flipping through the channels and gymnastics are on I will most likely sit down and watch it to see how Canada is competing.

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