What Would Be Your Ultimate Summer Job?

Another in our Whaddya Think series, where we ask students for their opinions…


What would be your ultimate summer job?

Adam W., 17
I’m not sure this job exists, but I’d like to travel the world and critique tourist destinations. If I had this job, I would be able to be on TV, meet new people, and get paid to travel to amazing tourist spots.

Risa R., 17
I want to travel to third world countries and teach kids how to dance Hawaiian. Hula is life! I want to do this because those kids don’t have much. And growing up, for 12 years, I’ve been dancing Hawaiian, so I want to teach them something I love and what I’m passionate about. I want to leave, knowing I left behind a part of me.

Caroline B., 14
My ultimate summer dream job would be as a MuchMusic VJ. I want to be able to meet famous people and be on TV. VJs look like they have lots of fun and they seem to get a lot of freebies. They also have stylists, and I think that’s very cool.

Julia G., 16
My ultimate summer dream job would be as a foot model. This is because I LOVE shoes and I want to see my legs in magazines. I know this would be a fun experience, and I can just imagine all the great people I’d meet.

Lorenzo D., 14
Being a video game tester would be my ultimate summer dream job. Playing video games is my ultimate pastime, and being able to be paid to do it would be a lot of fun. What would be greater than to be paid to veg on a couch and get paid to do it?

Sabrina C., 14
Even though it seems so normal, my ultimate summer dream job would be at Wonderland because I know it’s a lot of fun. Being able to interact with a lot of people seems like fun, and I’m sure I get discounts on everything, too.

Revy R., 18
My dream job for the summer would be working behind the scenes of a movie or television show. I am enamoured by what directors, producers, visual effects engineers, stunt coordinators, and costume and set designers have to do to create such great results. Although I absolutely love being the viewer, it would be such a great experience for me to be part of the production of an actual episode or scene of a movie. I really want to see the action beforehand. Ultimately, I would be satisfied because I would have personally contributed to something that I can share with others.

Karen E., 17
I’d love to be a rock star because I like music and I want to be famous. I know the summer is a short while, but it’s an experience that’s worth having, and I’d love to know how it feels to be in the public eye.

Derik R., 17
If I had my ultimate summer dream job, it would be as a Blink 182 roadie. Blink is one of my favourite bands, and they seem really cool to be around. So, to be able to tour with them would be a dream come true.


Interviews by Faze intern Mary Grace Consul | Photos by Rosanna U

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