Going Viral: YouTube Creator Madilyn Bailey Shares Her Story

This singer/songwriter has over 2 million YouTube subscribers and adoring fans. Madilyn Bailey is popularly known for her incredible cover of “Titanium” which has reached over 50 million views in the past two years. Her stylistic covers of current pop songs have captured the attention of millions from around the world due to her amazing voice and unique twists. We caught up with Madilyn while she was in Toronto for YouTube Fan Fest. She shared her story of how she got started, her reaction to her success and details on her upcoming album.

Madilyn Bailey on the red carpet

“I’ve always known I wanted to do music, but I come from a very small town with a population of only 1000 people-there’s more cows than humans.” Madilyn shares about her hometown in Wisconsin.  “There was no option for me to get up and move somewhere that was better for the music.” So when Madilyn realized some singers were getting their kick start from YouTube she decided to give it a try as well. She explains, “I took my camera, which wasn’t an HD camera-it didn’t even have a viewfinder! Then I stacked it on boxes and books as a tripod and I just recorded covers in my bedroom.”

Within the first 6 months of Madilyn beginning her YouTube career, her channel took off. She graduated six months early from high school to focus on improving her YouTube channel. “I got signed to a label who made my video ideas for about two years, and then this last year I’ve been making all my videos myself. I’ve been getting into the vlogging world, the beauty world, and right now I’m writing and recording my album.”

Madilyn Bailey performing at youtube fan fest

Madilyn posted her “Titanium” cover in June of 2012 and since then it has reached over 50 million views and almost half a million likes. “I remember thinking this is too good to be true, it’s going to stop getting views eventually” Madilyn recollects. “I was so happy it did so well, but I put the same amount of time and energy into every video I make so it’s so funny when one of them just takes off.”

Although Madilyn has built her career and strong fan base successfully on YouTube, she continues to push herself to achieve new goals. “I dream that I get somewhere, and then once I get there it is like – okay, new dream now.”

Jessica and Holly with Madilyn Bailey

Jessica and Holly with Madilyn at Youtube FanFest Toronto.

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