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Preparing For YouTube FanFest: Festival Checklist

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With Toronto YouTube FanFest just around the corner, your friends at Faze want to help you prepare for the YouTube Creator experience of a lifetime – this event only happens once a year, right? Here’s a festival checklist that’ll help you to get the most out of your YouTube FanFest 2016 experience.


Even though the Molson Amphitheatre provides a bit of coverage, if you have lawn seats you’re out to defend the sun on your own. It never hurts to rub on some sunscreen before an outdoor festival – just remember that most sunscreens need to be reapplied every so often.  If you’re looking for a new sunscreen, Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless Sun Care Sunscreen Lotion is great. It moisturizes your skin, offers 12 hours of protection and smells like you’re on a tropical vacation. Win-win-win.


This seems like a no-brainer but you don’t want to be the one who only brought your debit/credit card and now you have to borrow some bus fare from a friend or some cash to buy merch (I can’t promise there will be any, but it would suck if there was merch that you really wanted but couldn’t get). Cash is always great for emergencies too.


Even though you won’t be able to bring any drinks or food into the venue, it’s always good to travel with water. Just imagine waiting in line to get into the venue, with the sun beaming on your face and all you can think about is quenching your thirst. Water, I need water!

A Durable Backpack

Little side purses will work too, but I’d like to emphasize “durable” because I was at a festival last summer and my bag broke. It was embarrassing walking around with a plastic bag but more than that, it was just uncomfortable. Backpacks have two straps for comfort and I don’t mind leaving them on the floor while I’m jumping around and waving my arms.

Comfortable Shoes

Duh, right? But wrong. I know that we (and I speak for girls everywhere) like to take the opportunity to dress up for festivals and concerts but please be considerate of your feet. I’ve seen festival guides that suggest wearing heels, if you can walk in them, to make you a little taller. I’m not sure if two or three inches will make much of a difference of what you see, but I can tell you that it’ll make a huge difference for your feet. White sneakers are so hot right now and I’ve been sporting Skecher’s Bobs for a while. They’re cute, flat and have memory foam soles. Ahh, blissful comfort.


You’re at FanFest supporting your favourite YouTubers so why not show them a little extra love with a homemade sign? I can promise you that signs absolutely get noticed from the stage so make sure yours is bright, bold and beautiful!

Charged Phone

It’s a horrible feeling when you have to stop Snapchatting how much fun you’re having because your phone is almost dead (or dies, yikes!). It also sucks when you have to leave in the middle of someone’s performance to wait in line at the charging stations at the Molson (they’re life-savers, but still annoying) and miss all of the action just so that you can charge your phone to 20%.  My best advice is to invest in a portable battery charger. Indigo has a huge selection of on-the-go-chargers that you charge ahead of time and bring with you so that your phone has two lives. Basically, you’ll have a 200% battery. Yes, please!

A Light Sweater

The festivities start at 6PM (red carpet at 4PM if you’re an eager beaver), and the average concert is around three hours. By the time you’re leaving it’ll be dark outside and a little cooler so a light sweater will come in handy. Plus, if you have lawn seats, sweaters double as great seats on the ground if you don’t like the feeling of itchy grass on your legs.

Festival Hair

I mentioned earlier that it’s always fun to dress up for festivals. You’ll be snapping tons of pictures with your friends and fingers crossed that you snag a meet and greet with your favourite YouTuber. So why not go all out with festival hair? How many Coachella pictures have you seen of celebs with brightly coloured hair (ahem, Kylie Jenner’s bright blue hair)? If you’re not looking for anything permanent, check out Splat’s Hair Chalk – Silver Moon, Violet Sky and Dusty Rose and some festival favourites that you might love as well.


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