From South Africa To Canada: Zaki Ibrahim Is Beautifully Eclectic

When Zaki Ibrahim was growing up in South Africa most music was banned in her region and had to be sought out through underground mixed tapes. Once these got to her there was no turning back. Ibrahim quickly began writing and performing, and is now back in her birthplace of Canada, where she is signed to Sony BMG. “There is always worry, because the music industry is so hard to break through. But from the moment I decided this was what I wanted to do with my life, they have been supportive,” says Ibrahim about her parental support team. “But, it is scary for them to see the baby of the family take that leap and make that decision.” Ibrahim’s soul/ hip-hop influenced debut EP, Eclectica (Episodes in Purple), is in stores now, while the full-length follow-up is currently in the works.

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