A Sneak Peek At Zendaya’s New Album

Months ago, Faze cover girl Zendaya revealed that she would be teaming up with producer Timbaland on her sophomore album, and now we’re finally getting a sneak peak of what they’ve been working on!

While in the studio, Zendaya posted a video on Instagram with a 15-second clip of what may be her first single and like her snapchat caption says, it is on FIRE.

We’ve been waiting for new music from Z since Bobby Brackins dropped the music video for his song, “My Jam”, featuring Zendaya. The beat, Zendaya’s vocals, and the island backdrop make this the perfect beach jam – oh, I think I hear my jam coming in!

We’re super stoked to hear what Zendaya’s new music is going to bring to the table because she’s done a lot of growing up since 2013. In a recent interview, Zendaya mentioned that she’d be open to trying something a little different; “I heard that a lot of country music artists work with R&B writers and stuff like that… So like, I would love to work with country music artists,” Zendaya shared during her interview with Wild 949. Maybe she’ll be teaming up with Taylor Swift for another music video soon? Let’s just keep our fingers crossed for this epic duo to happen.


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