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Interview With Zendaya: She Takes Control With New Movie “Zapped”

Singer, dancer and actress (just a few of the titles this multi-talented girl can call herself) Zendaya is back with a new Disney Channel Original Movie, Zapped.

Zendaya Zapped

Bringing back the electric style and dance moves she’s showed us as Raquel “Rocky” Blue on the hit series Shake It Up, Zendaya takes on the role of Zoey Stevens, an organized, hard working high school student who has to adjust to some big changes in her life, including crazy step-brothers and a brand new school. When a phone mishap turns one of her apps into a boy-commanding controller, she just may have found a solution to her newfound problems.

Our Interview With Zendaya (first of many)

Faze had the chance to chat with Zendaya about stepping into Zoey’s stylish shoes and what fans can expect from the film. Premiering on Family Channel in June, this new movie is bound to make it onto your list of DCOM favourites.

Faze: What drew you to the role of Zoey Stevens in this movie?

Zendaya: I just think that she’s just a regular girl dealing with a crazy thing in her life. I think that’s why I really enjoyed connecting with her. A lot of people will be able to relate with the story in light of having to deal with change and how to make things better.

Tell me about the dance scenes, what can fans expect?

Zendaya: They can expect a lot of heartwarming moments that either comes from her and her friends or her and her family. You definitely see her evolve as a character and grow up in front of your eyes. You see her grow and find her way.

Is there one scene in particular that was your favourite?

Zendaya: I really enjoyed filming a lot of the scenes with Spencer [Boldman], he’s super funny so us going back and forth or us having just a moment. He was really cool because and he’s such a great actor. And scenes with the quote on quote dorks, who are actually really cool professional dancers that were just having to kind of pretend to be really bad dorks. They were just so funny and for them to not originally be like actors or anything like that, they really pulled it off well.

Your character Zoey struggles with figuring out the cute confusing boy, what advice do you have for teens when it comes to boys and crushes?

Zendaya: First, make sure that you are more focused on yourself. I think you have to have your own focuses and priorities right and don’t just be out there searching for a boyfriend just to have one.

The film touches on a lot of things, but what would you say is the main message of the film? If there is one thing you want viewers to walk away with after watching the film, what is it?

Zendaya: Just to figure out how to make the best of your circumstances. Everyone has to deal with change, but it’s about how you deal with it and how you overcome the problems that you encounter. I think the important thing people learn is that changing people is not always the answer to your problems or anything like that. Sometimes it really is just learning from it and growing and figuring out ways to deal with it and make the best of your situation.

Zoey comes to the realization that there’s more to life than her smartphone. What advice do you have for teens to start parting ways with their own phone?

Zendaya: The most important thing is probably the fact that everything does not revolve around your phone. I think Zoey realizes that the phone can’t make her life better and can’t fix everything. She’s the one who has to fix things and I think that’s her big switch in life. She realizes that why she’s able to deal with her problems and make things better is because she’s able to put down her phone, the one thing that’s blocking her from the real world.

If you could create an app that could do anything in the world what would it be?

Zendaya: I would create an app that can transport you anywhere. I’d just be able to get from Point A to Point B that much faster. Life would be a lot easier.


Here’s the trailer for Zapped…

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