Zolo: From Electro-Pop DJ To All-Around Musical Artist

Toronto Musician ZoloZolo, originally from the UK but now residing in Toronto, is creating electrifying music, both for himself and his growing fan base–those who are addicted to his unique electro-pop sound.

Zolo is a unique artist, not only in his music style, but also in the way that he went about pursuing a career in music. Starting out as a DJ, Zolo took his inspiration from artists that he loves, such as The Beatles and Michael Jackson, and educated himself on the elements of sound. He used this influence while writing and producing his original songs.

By doing this, Zolo gave himself a head start into the music industry, and is now a well-established artist. Using his knowledge on the elements of sound and his unique ability to perceive and absorb vibes, he has emerged with a distinctive feel to his music, like in his songs “Vacating Love” and “XOXO.”

He has a strong love for performing live, feeling energy from the music and his audience; not much can bring his lively attitude down. But when he encounters frustration, he tells Faze what he does to regain focus. “I just go back to listening to artists I love,” he says. “You always got to bring it back to what you love doing.”

When he’s not working on his music career, he enjoys escaping the city for some time in nature, doing things like camping and fishing.

With his first EP released and now in popular demand, Zolo continues to focus on his passion with upcoming follow up music on his EP Lost and a new tour. “I have a bunch of shows coming up and a bunch of tour dates, but the biggest thing we’re putting together right now is actually a solo show. We haven’t confirmed a date yet, but it will most likely be at The Opera House [in Toronto].”

To those interest in pursuing music as a career, he passes on some advice through Faze. “Just think about what’s true, because at the end of the day, people might not believe in you, but believe in yourself and eventually the world will too.”


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Zolo at Faze’s PowerUp 2013

Here’s a pic of Zolo performing at our Faze summer party in Toronto in 2013
zolo performs at Faze Magazine summer party

And his post after the show (he did kill it):
zolo performs at Faze Magazine summer party

And here is Zolo and his video for Vacating Love:


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