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Top 10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Spring Break

Ahhh the long awaited, infamous spring break. The perfect time to get away from all your schoolwork and to just relax in the warm weather (if we’re lucky with the weather this year). Spring break has become some sort of pre-summer ritual for all students, whether it involves just staying at home or soaking in the sun at some beach resort in Mexico. Unfortunately, it’s prevalence in several feature films has led everyone to believe that in order to make spring break fun, there has to be three key things—booze, hookups, and insane partying with strangers. NEWS FLASH! None of these things are necessary for an awesome time. Spring Break can be the best week of your year if it’s done properly.

For your benefit, Faze dishes out our top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Spring Break

1. Excessive drinking is a big DON’TAlcohol

If you’re at a party or a social event and you are of legal age, you are totally fine with having a couple drinks, but don’t drink to a point where you black out or do something stupid—like taking a nap on the side of the road. Alcohol is a very tricky substance. It definitely can be enjoyable if it’s consumed responsibly. But you want to remember the night, not regret it. And definitely do NOT accept drinks from strangers! Date rape drugs are still a thing. 

2. Definitely don’t do drugsdrugs

At any social gathering, don’t be that lame person who gives in to peer pressure. Drugs are not cool and can have some seriously harmful effects, both physically and mentally. Drugs can also get you into lots of trouble with the law and can permanently taint your record and reputation. They are definitely not worth the risk!


3. Watch your expenses money

Spring break is the time when most of you will forget to check your bank balance and end up spending your money on new clothes, shoes and leisure activities. Your best bet is to create a budget so you don’t return back to school completely broke.

4. Use sunscreen 

The weather is getting much warmer and it would seem like the perfect opportunity to get that nice golden tan, but let’s face it, is a tan really worth the risk of getting skin cancer? Apply that sunscreen!

5. Take a break from work 

Try not to spend your entire spring break working or cramming that history textbook. The human body needs to take a break and relax in order to perform better. Take a few days off and do something casual for yourself, whether that’s yoga, hanging out with friends or heading to a resort; which brings me to rule number six.

6. If you’re at a resort, follow the rules resort

If the resort doesn’t permit people in the pool past 10, obey the rule. You definitely don’t want to get into unnecessary trouble during your vacation. That’s just flat out embarrassing and a major buzz-kill. And you wouldn’t have anyone to blame but yourself.

7. Don’t eat unfamiliar food  strange food

Remember, you still have to go back to school once the break is over so leave all those unfamiliar foods alone. No matter how good that octopus cake looks, be cautious when experimenting with foods that may not agree with your stomach. Nobody wants food poisoning while on vacation.

8. Don’t avoid friends  Friends tv show

Definitely take spring break as the opportunity to catch up with friends. It’s always more fun when you have company.

9. Stay Hydrated

Spring break is the time when it starts to get warmer out (hopefully). Always remember to carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. You definitely don’t want to get dehydrated. Plus, water has several health benefits.

10. Don’t be a hermithermit

This is probably the golden rule for Spring Break—Do NOT, by any means, spend the entire break indoors laying in your bed, scrolling through Tumblr or Cat videos on Youtube. Get outside; your body needs the exercise and the Vitamin D from the sun. Besides, even a short stroll through the park is  going to be more satisfying than laying on your couch all day watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy.

Have fun and stay safe!

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