10 Things You Can Do To Relax After A Long Day

Everybody knows what it’s like to have a stressful day.

Finding a way to simply unwind, relax and just let go of the stress of the day can sometimes seem to be a bit of a challenge. Everyone has their preferred way to relax, but sometimes you need something new. Here are a few ideas to try the next time you’re super-stressed. You might just find your new favorite way to relax.

Turn off your phone

Depending on your job, you may feel as if you need to be accessible 24 /7. In reality, everyone needs a break. One of the best ways to unwind is to just turn off your phone. It can be a good thing to be conveniently “unavailable” from time to time. Just remember to turn on the ringer again when you’re done!

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Take a hot bath or shower

There’s nothing like a refreshing soak in the tub or a luxuriating shower to wash away the day’s cares. Indulge in some bubble bath or a bar of handmade soap scented with your favorite essential oils to invigorate all of your senses and send you into a relaxing mood.

Change out of your work clothes

Don’t be tempted to put the clothes back on that you wore to the office. Psychologically you need to break from the day’s energy. Try to find something that will make you feel completely comfortable and relaxed so that you can leave the cares of the day behind.

Spend some time in nature

Being outdoors is one of the best ways to relax. There is nothing like being out in a natural setting to calm yourself. If you live in the city, try to take a walk in the park or utilize a bike trail. Studies have shown that people who regularly spend time outdoors, even if it’s for as little as 10 -15 minutes, end up feeling more relaxed and better able to deal with stress.


Do a little online gaming

Gaming is a great way to alleviate stress. There are many sites that offer online gaming. You can play bingo 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online and not only relax but to win some cash along the way. You can also socialize in online chats talking to fellow gamers while you’re playing.


Perhaps the most tried and tested ways to relax is through regular meditation. Building up a regular practice of yoga and meditation can not only help you relax, it can assist in maintaining overall good health. There are numerous apps such as meditation timers, guided meditations, and supplies to help you. There are even websites that offer meditation sounds and instruction. Try Calm and Headspace.

Go to a spa to get a massage

Try getting a massage, facial, or pedicure at your favorite spa. Having someone help massage out all of the stress is a fantastic way to relax. Today there are even on-demand massage therapists that can come to wherever you are – even the office – to give you a massage. All you need is a smartphone and you can book a licensed massage therapist who can help you undo some of your stress.

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Listen to Music

From the beginning of time, music has been used as a way to help people relax. Music can help in lowering your heart rate as well as blood pressure. Some researchers say that it can also help reduce pain levels as well. Whatever your favorite musical genre is, put on some headphones and close your eyes. Let the music take you where it will.

Read a book

Reading a good book is a great way to relax after the day’s events. If you aren’t sure what to read, check out your local library, or go to sites like and and download free content to read on your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Write in your journal or on your blog

An excellent way to exorcise some of the stress of your day is by writing it out. You can write how your day went or make up a story featuring characters based on those that added to your stress levels during the day. There’s just something cathartic about letting the stress flow out of your pen and onto the page. Do this long enough and you might have a story to sell!

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Try out a few of these things the next time you’re stressed. We hope you’ll hit a few that will become your new thing to do after the workday.


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