15 Best Gambling Bloggers You Need To Follow

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Online gamblers are always looking for ways to improve their strategy and for tips on how to benefit from the best betting experience, and blogs are a great way to gain knowledge and pick up tips. Here are 15 gambling blogs you should check out for advice, tips and tricks. Once you learn all of this, you will them be able to place racecards for the next big horse racing event and win!

#1 Blackjack Apprenticeship

This blog teaches you how to beat the house with card counting, utilising tips and experience from some of the world’s top professionals. It also has a great community to share experiences with and gain extra knowledge.

#2 Bob Casino Gambling

This blog covers the latest news in the world of gambling and the online casino industry and is a great way to stay up to date with the current topics.

#3 Beat the Fish

This in-depth and objective online poker review blog provides an insight into the best sites for poker, the strategy behind the game and coverage of the WSOP.

#4 Poker Guru

Poker Guru is a news site for the latest happenings in the world of poker, from the latest players to the most interesting action in both online and live action poker.

#5 Gambling Ramblings

A blog from a horse racing tipster, this blog looks for value in the markets and provides a great deal of knowledge to those new to the world of betting.

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#6 Mike Cruickshank

This site is great for gleaning information about different betting systems and strategies, from horse racing and football to tennis and golf, as well as review for other betting sites and tipsters.

#7 Soccer Widow

If you’re keen to learn more about sports betting, Soccer Widow’s blog is a great choice. The author shares her experiences and knowledge of the betting markets and is ideally suited to those new to the world of sports betting or those who want to learn more about the strategy and mathematics behind it.

#8 Caan Berry

A Betfair trader, Caan Berry documents his progress as a full-time bettor and publishes tutorials and guides on the topic of betting.

#9 Church of Betting

From sports trading and value betting to arbitrage, sports betting blogger Nenko is a great resource for a more technical and analytical approach to betting.

#10 Green All Over

This blog tackles the challenges that come with sports betting and the statistical side of the activity. It’s one of the most details and long-standing blogs on the topic and a great read.

#11 Opta Pro

This blog provides news and analysis from a cutting-edge data provider, which could help punters develop their own strategies and systems.

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#12 Trader247

A less commercial take on betting, it’s a great read for those who want to trade professionally by developing their own betting systems and prediction apps.

#13 Daily25

Initially developed as a blog focusing on making $25 a day from betting, the blog has since progressed to focus more broadly on making money from betting and provides a unique perspective on the realities of sports betting.

#14 Tradegrind

A sports betting blog that focuses on the writer’s goal to go from part-time sports bettor to a professional, detailing the challenges, profits and losses he encounters.

#15 Punter2Pro

A betting blog with an emphasis on matched betting, this blog is all about value betting and sports trading, with plenty of useful information for aspiring sports bettors.

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