4 Awesome Ideas For Home Renovations

Most houses have one room that doesn’t exactly have a fixed purpose — everybody knows what goes on inside kitchens and washrooms, but sometimes there’s a space in the basement or elsewhere in the house which is more of a blank slate you can make your own.

If you have such a space in your home, here are four great ideas for rooms that may inspire you.

1. Home Theatre

Who doesn’t like to watch movies, TV events or sports with all their friends on a big screen TV? You can become your friend’s favourite host if you decide to renovate your open space and turn it into a home theatre.

home theatre room

If you’re thinking of major overhauls to your home, like modifying the floors to create different levels for real theatre-like seating, installing the whole wall unit needed for a home theatre, as well as other renovations that heighten the cinematic atmosphere — such as a fully functioning bar — the right general contractors in Toronto can help you renovate your entire basement to make it an entertainment hub.

2. Music Room

For the music lovers who play instruments or the audiophile who listens to high-grade audio, having a room devoted to this purpose is a real treasure. If you want to crank up the volume without disturbing others in the house, you’ll need to sound-proof the room.

music room renovation home studio

There are different kinds of materials you can use on the floors and the walls to deaden the sound, as well as different approaches to take. If you’ll be recording here, then the sound of the room is very important. Every studio has its own “feel,” and you’ll want to either consult someone who knows or research the topic more in depth before creating your own jam space.

3. Sun Room

Who doesn’t dream about having a super sunny area in which to curl up with a book and a nice cup of coffee? You could make your solarium or sun room its own stand-alone room, or extend a part of your kitchen.

sun room renovations

Building one is a good idea because sunshine is good for you.Nothing brightens up a home like literal sunshine, so this is a popular way to create a great space for you, family and friends to enjoy.

4. Walk-In Closet

Do you have a lot of clothing or shoes that need to be kept somewhere? Some people have so much that they could use an entire room for it! It doesn’t have to be for clothes; turning a room into a storage area could be useful for keeping objects you collect, or sports gear like skis or golf clubs.

A home with ample storage is a coveted thing, and investing in it could increase the retail value of your home. Consider what your needs are and decide accordingly.

walk in closet renovation

The options for what and how to renovate inside your home are endless. Just make sure you get a reliable handyman, because it’s always more expensive to go back and do it properly the second time. Hopefully one of these tips inspires you to make a change to your home that makes you love it even more.

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