4 Ways To Do Digital Marketing Better Using Human Psychology Knowledge

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Success for digital marketers means being able to tap into the minds of potential customers to understand what makes them tick, and making sense of their psychological triggers to increase conversion rates and achieve better key performance indicator (KPI) results. 

Below, we outline 4 psychology-related elements to keep in mind and to implement into your digital marketing strategy. 

The Commitment and Consistency Theory 

This theory is based on an individual who makes a small commitment to something is then more likely to make a bigger commitment at some point down the road. So by getting leads to take some sort of tiny action such as signing up for your company’s newsletter or subscribing to its blog – this group of people has a higher probability of taking bigger (and more profitable) actions including making a website purchase or subscribing to a paid membership. 

Getting your hands on contact details, receiving social media shares after asking for them, attracting attendees to your webinar, and building other digital marketing equity can greatly improve leverage for future revenue-generating opportunities. Once you get into prospect’s minds you can earn influence and benefit from those relationships when marketing is done in a relaxed yet tactical fashion. 

Marketing Should Play Off Of Emotions

Buying habits of customers comes down to rational marketing and emotional marketing – the former aims to promote product’s usefulness and quality, sells the benefits, and appeals to rational customers, the latter takes on a personal level approach with a focus on increasing loyalty and boosting conversions. We as digital marketers can sell features and benefits of products all we want to, but purchasing decisions are ultimately made based on how someone feels about products and how emotionally attached they get. Evoking a positive emotional response is key to gaining brand loyalty, and from there sales can be more naturally earned after the emotional investment has been already made by prospects. Focus on creating content that is inspirational, interesting, tells a story, ignites an emotional reaction, and is engaging. 

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Information Gap Theory

Emotional responses are strong when people experience a gap between knowledge they already have and what they want to know next. Creating a feeling of curiosity amongst your content consumers fuels their lust for more information to understand the full story. Intriguing headlines are a good place to start to first attract a reader to your article, and getting them internally asking themselves why or what in their minds then motivates them to click to learn about something that they don’t already know about.  

Social Proof

Earning influence and being convincing is power for marketers, and social proof is an important tactic to utilize. The premise of social proof is understanding that people tend to follow the behavior of others, and mimic the actions of those we know, like, and trust. Testimonials, reviews via user-generated content, and social plugins and share buttons are good places to start to earn social proof for your company’s content, products, and services. 

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