5 Amazingly Unconventional Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. It’s no secret to my friends, family and possibly strangers that I talk to on the street that I am not a big fan of this holiday. However, it’s mostly because I think people suddenly lose all creativity on this particular day—perhaps due to the pressure we put on ourselves and others to make it so “special.” We become zombies who are forced to buy heart-shaped chocolates and deliver completely over-priced flowers as signs of affection. Boring!


Question is, why do we do it?

If you love someone, really love someone—and I don’t just mean romantically, but your BFF, your sister, your neighbour who owns twelve cats, whatever—why not plan to do something fun, outrageous and totally memorable this year, rather than the status quo?

So, here is our list of AMAZINGLY UNCONVENTIONAL THINGS TO DO ON V-DAY, put together for you by the ladies of the executive team here at Faze.

1) Give Back

You and your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend have an unbelievable connection. So why be selfish? Share the love this heart day and give back to a charity you really believe in. There are lots of ways that you could get involved and volunteer together, making memories that will far outlast those wilting roses. Walk dogs together at your local Humane Society; learn to play cribbage or bust out the old Scrabble board with seniors at a community centre or nursing home. Those folks have tons of adorable love stories to share. Aw.

Don’t want to share your day with strangers, but still want to give back? On the 14th exclusively, Boston Pizza is making heart-shaped pizzas with a dollar from each sale supporting Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects, which is a mentorship program for kids. Pizza AND positive role models for children who need them? Win, win.

Boston Pizza Heart shaped pizza

2) Become Cupid – Lorraine’s Pick

Why exchange silly gifts with images of a half-naked flying baby who shoots arrows when you could become the one who shoots the arrows?!

Grab your valentine, romantic or otherwise, and sign up for an archery class, where you can essentially learn to become Katniss—I mean, cupid—in a safe environment (i.e., not in the Hunger Games arena) with instructors to walk you through. Share a kiss, a high-five or a happy dance when either one of you lands a bulls-eye.

(Here are some spots in Toronto to start your search)

Looking for something a bit more low key this year (read: cheaper)? Run to your local dollar store and buy a plastic archery kit—you know, the kind the suction cups on the end. Plaster a board on your wall at home and let your arrows fly.

3) Make a Love Song Music Video

If you love someone like a love song, baby, then put your creativity and lip-syncing skills to work. Pick a fun or so-sappy-it’s-funny love song and choreograph a music video together with your valentine. It can be a silly dance party to make your other friends laugh (a la Bieber, Gomez and friends with “Call Me Maybe”—but please, please pick a different song), or something with more of a story line.

Two ways to make this happen: have one person film it in one continuous shot (this takes more planning); or, take a ton of footage and edit it all together to your song of choice.

Here’s one I did as a continuous shot with my girlfriends last year. Trust me, it will give you memories you can’t forget. Even if you try…

4) DIY Love Clutch – Jessica Harwood’s Pick

Gear up for the big day with a fun DIY project. Pop art is mega-popular on the runways right now, so prove your true fashionista spirit by incorporating this trend into your accessories, without spending a ton of dough.

The idea is to focus on images of your ideal valentine. Our Special Projects Manager Jessica chose this Canadian cutie. “Mine would be having Ryan Gosling knocking on my door with a box of cupcakes, asking me to ‘Be mine,’ followed by a kiss.” Cupcakes AND Ryan Gosling? Hot.

DIY Love Clutch for Valentine's Day -- Hello, Ryan Gosling

For tips on these cool cut-outs, see our DIY Holiday Special—instead of putting the pop art on sticks for photo booth fun, hot glue gun them onto a cute clutch (which you can pick up easily at a dollar store).

This activity is best for a day spent with your BFF. But, if you’ve got a romantic Valentine, make the purse ahead of time, with a cute pic of the two of you, then head on the town with your love clutch. And the purse.

5) Valentine’s Day Boycott Bonanza – Dana Krook’s Pick

I cannot possibly be the only person out there who isn’t a fan of the cutesie factor of this day. Right? Right? So, here is the ultimate option for your Anti-Valentine’s Day celebration.

If you’ve recently had a bad break-up, or just generally want to avoid the barrage of red and pink, there’s no reason you can’t plan a fun night with someone who can make you forget all the “love is in the air” stuff that’s floating around (NOTE: plan to stay indoors for this boycott—there are way too many hand-holding couples in the outside world).

So, grab your bestie (or a few gals who want in) and prove that GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN. 100% pure. No romance added.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity for a boycott bonanza, but here is my game plan:

Dana Krook hates Valentines

a) Create an Anti-Valentine’s Day playlist ahead of time to get you in the mood, and to sing along to while the festivities are in full swing. I suggest some classics like “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce, “I Hate Myself For Loving You” by Joan Jett, “Goodbye Earl” by The Dixie Chicks, “Love Stinks” by J. Geils Band (covered by Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer), “Gives You Hell” by The All-American Rejects and “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green (or, perhaps, the more explicit version if you’re a Bitter Betty this year—hey, no judgement here).

b) Make fancy drinks and food—think ANYTHING yummy that is not red, nor prink, nor shaped like a stupid little heart. Ahem, I mean… No, that’s what I mean. No stupid hearts allowed.

I’m thinking a blue theme will be ideal. Dreaming of the warm summer months while sipping this Blue Hawaii Mocktail and munching on blue cheese appetizers, with blueberry cupcakes for dessert. Mmm… a blue food coma.

c) Get therapy plus hilarity with this balloon game. Blow up a half dozen or so per person, then take sharpies and write one word on each, something that symbolizes what you want to forget—a bad memory with your ex, a frustration moment with a teacher, a ridiculous habit of a former friend or special someone—then have fun popping each one, however you want. Your boycott friend can help you learn to laugh over the bad memory and letting it all go, together, will be a great bonding moment for the two of you.

d) Manicure time, baby. Pamper your BFF with a hand massage and new, gleaming polish. I’m thinking black for this one. And, in case you were wondering, LOVE STINKS is the perfect length for painting one letter on each finger. Just in case…

e) While you wait for your nails to dry, watch a movie. Preferably where the love interest dies in the end (i.e. Titanic, Tristan and Isolde). Or, pop in a Disney classic like Pocahontas, and sing along to all the colours of the wind. That leading lady knew what’s what and chose her peeps over a meddling man (spoiler!). Okay, that might come across as cynical, but hey—for me, celebrating strong, independent women is the best way to spend an Anti-Valentine’s Day. That, and more blueberry cupcakes, please.

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