9 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Really A Jerk

You know Valentine’s Day is fast approaching when you walk into Walmart and see so many pink and red hearts that it hurts your eyes a little bit. Then you say to yourself, “I wonder if my boyfriend has anything planned for V-Day?” If you have to ask if he has anything planned, then we have a problem here, because you might be dating a jerk.

Valentine’s Day should be spent with someone who loves and respects you as much as you love and respect him—that’s only logical, right? V-Day is all about LOVE—not the chocolate, stuffed teddy bears and candy (even though those are great perks). In an effort to save your V-Day for someone special, February 1st is Dump Your Significant Jerk Day. If you can get rid of the jerk in your life today, then you’ll have two weeks to find someone who truly deserves your time and effort on the day of love. (Or, you could celebrate Valentine’s Day with your BFF in an unconventional way. Click here to read how.)


Here are 9 telltale signs that you’re dating a jerk:

1. He’s always on the phone.

He has already excused himself from dinner, the movie and your conversation to “answer this important call”, but when you’re trying to reach him on his cell, he’s almost impossible to get a hold of. Can someone say sketchy?!


2. He doesn’t know how to comfort you.

Your significant other doesn’t know how to make you feel better after a bad day at school, a tough situation with a friend or even those horrible fat days. When you’re upset, he just looks at you like you’re crazy. You basically feel like you’re in a relationship of one, hugging yourself when you’re feeling down—not cool.

3. When you’re out together, you always go Dutch.

Even though we shouldn’t expect our boyfriends to pay for everything (we are independent ladies!), chivalry is NOT dead, so they should pick up the tab if you’re out on a date. Only friends split the bill, so friend-zone him and find someone better.

4. You never get anything you want.

Which movie on Netflix will you be watching with him? His choice. What restaurant are you going to for date night? His choice. He doesn’t understand the concept of compromise, which is a must-have in any relationship. Staying with this jerk is your choice, so why don’t you pick something (cough, someone) that you want for once?

5. He forgets the important things.

We can’t hold it against him if he forgets your cousin’s name, what your fave makeup brands are or what toppings you prefer on your pizza (if you have a boyfriend that remembers these, you have a keeper!), but he should at least remember the important things; your birthday, where you went out for your first date, the name of your pet, your favourite colour and what kind of food cheers you up on a gloomy day. If he can’t remember things like that, then they’re insignificant in his mind, so he should be insignificant in your mind as well—sorry!

6. He brings up past mistakes.

Every chance your man gets, he’s bringing up the past. You may have done a few things you’re not proud of; everyone makes mistakes. He says he forgives you, yet he’s too immature to let it go.


7. He doesn’t get along with any of your friends or family members.

Yes, we know that some personalities clash, but if his personality is clashing with everyone in your life, then chances are it’s not his personality, it’s him. By being rude or disrespectful to the people around you then, simply put, he doesn’t care! You shouldn’t want to be with someone your loved ones can’t get along with—it’s time to give him the boot.

8. He tries to make you jealous.

If he talks too fondly about his ex, still excitedly mentions his single hook-ups or reminds you of the tanned, muscular legs on your best friend, he’s trying to make you jealous. He’s probably insecure, and the worse you feel, the more confident he becomes, which means that this behavior is never going to end. Move on, and make a brighter future for yourself while he’s stuck daydreaming about the past.

9. He doesn’t support you.

Say you want to travel the world in 80 days, breed the first “deerbra” (deer and zebra) and sell hemp bracelets on the side. Your best friends would support you, and so should he. If your beau acts like your dreams are unattainable or stupid, or if he refuses to encourage you at all, forget him. Everyone needs a support system, and if he can’t support your dreams, then he shouldn’t be around to reap your success. See ya!

Obviously, your significant other doesn’t have to hit all nine points. (If he did—girl, what are you waiting for?!) Remove the negative from your life, so that you can focus on the positive and enjoy V-Day the way it should be celebrated—with someone who loves you.


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