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Why Rachel McAdams Is An Awesome Actress

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… I have a prediction for the foreseeable future. I predict that Rachel McAdams will become the next Meryl Streep. That’s right, you heard me. Rachel McAdams. Meryl Streep. Can’t you see it? Both women are humble, incredibly dedicated and look stunning in Donna Karan. But their biggest similarity is that they can seriously act.

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Now, don’t let my psychic powers scare you. Below is evidence of the sheer talents of Rachel McAdams. No one can ever call her a “cookie-cutter” actress, which in film terms, basically means that she plays one role in a single genre in every movie they star in (hint: Jennifer Anniston is always the good girl next door… Mark Wahlberg always plays a New York manly man with a tough exterior). Rachel McAdams has been in it all – comedy, drama, horror, romance, thriller… if you scroll through the genres on your Netflix account, you can bet on seeing Rachel’s gorgeous face through practically all of them. Not only is she a phenomenal actress, but it also doesn’t hurt that she seriously reps Toronto (home of Faze!). Rachel has been in interviews boasting of the city and gushing about her love for the restaurants, hospitality and familiarity of the city we call home. She’s often seen riding her bike to the TIFF Lightbox Theatre on King and John and grabbing a bite at Camros Organic Eatery near Yonge and Bloor. So, if you ever see a whirl of blonde hair whizzing by you on an adorable rustic bike with a basket, take a closer look – it might be Regina George in the flesh.

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Speaking of Regina George, we have to talk about Rachel’s role in the movie that made her a huge star: Mean Girls. We’ve all seen it, we all love it, and we all know the script word for word. Although the protagonist in this comedy is none other than Lindsay Lohan, the main star truly is Rachel. She takes villain on a whole other level, and it’s so hard to believe that this actress isn’t a backstabbing catty teenager in real life! Not only did Rachel steal the show from Lindsay Lohan, she made a name for herself in Hollywood that proves that you can have a pretty face and a truckload of talent. It’s not always either/or, people!

mean girls

Rachel not only can make you laugh until you wet your pants, she can make you feel things you’ve never felt before. Grab the tissues if you ever sit down and watch The Vow. Rachel stars in this romance with Channing Tatum, and this time we don’t just want to watch for the major eye candy. Rachel plays a woman who suffers from a form of amnesia, and has to figure out what she wants in life. Now, I am so not a fan of mushy gushy love movies (sorry, all you Nicholas Sparks fans out there), but I do have to tip my hat off to Rachel McAdams. Although this film is albeit a corny tearjerker, I can’t hate on Rachel’s darn good acting chops. It’s not easy playing someone who can’t remember her life.

the vow

Moving on to thriller/horror. Rachel stars in Red Eye, which got surprisingly good reviews, despite critics’ harsh views on the thriller genre. Some of the biggest actors in the business admit that their largest challenge within the industry was acting scared. They all admit that crying or awkward bedroom scenes can be an obstacle, but nothing takes the cake more than having to act terrified, with not a whole lot to go off of. In Red Eye, Rachel is being threatened by a man she meets on an airplane, and she has to think fast to get to safety. In interviews with director Wes Craven, he gives a ton of credit to Rachel for the film’s success. Our assumptions are confirmed: Rachel does not mess around when it comes to her movies.

red eye

Don’t think we forgot about Allie, I mean, Rachel in The Notebook. Ahh, the young love of two Canadian born actors. If this movie didn’t make you bawl like a baby, you’re lying. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling turn this Nicholas Sparks novel into a movie that every single girlfriend has made their boyfriend watch. It is the epitome of romance, of tragedy. I remember watching this flick and being in complete awe of the way Rachel carries herself. I truly believed that she was rich-girl Allie Hamilton. Rachel and Ryan’s romance onscreen was inevitable, and it translated into a movie that reinvented what romance really means.

the notebook

Last, but certainly far from the least, if you do yourself one favor this year, watch Rachel McAdams in The Family Stone. Rachel plays a sullen college student, who is always right no matter what anyone else thinks. This role is extremely easy to overact, with one too many forced eye-rolls or an attitude that is way too fabricated to believe. What Rachel did with the role was make her own. Did I mention that this movie carries an all- star cast? Oh yeah… Rachel acts among industry legends, including Diane Keaton, Dermont Mulruney, Luke Wilson and Sarah Jessica Parker. To stand out in an A-list crowd like this couldn’t have been a walk in the park. But alas, Rachel’s pure authenticity made her name match her co-stars.

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There you have it, folks. The proof is in the pudding. Rachel McAdams boasts great potential, and is as friendly and endearing as she seems. (Side note: a friend of mine’s mother sat next to Rachel on a flight recently, and spent the whole time chatting with her about her work, and Rachel also said that she loves and misses London Ontario, where she was born!) In an industry where beauty translates into success, it is such a comfort to know that there truly are actors in the field who not only are stunning, but absolutely kill it in every role. Rachel McAdams, we’re talking to you.

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