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The Best Melissa McCarthy Movies to Watch Right Now

Melissa McCarthy

After winning your real money from new online casino gaming, you might want to cool off a little and catch up on a few movies. Since there are a lot of choices to pick from, this article is going to give you movies from one of the best female comedians, Melissa McCarthy.

The actress has been in the movie industry since 1999 and has been doing very well for herself.  She has appeared in a lot of movies ever since that but there are some of her best works so far.

The Heat

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock make quite a good duo in this comedy. McCarthy plays Shannon Mullins, a carefree detective who ends up partnering up with one of the strictest detectives who does everything by the book, Sarah Ashburn. It starts off on a bad note, but the two end up solving one of the biggest crimes in Boston.


When her crush and co-worker is murdered, Susan Cooper decides to get her revenge.  She is sent out into the field to spy on the perpetrator.  But, she ends up doing more than what is asked and proves to the agency that she is one of the best that there is and she is very good on real online slots. Not only does she catch the killer, she also gets to expose a rogue agent in the process.

Identity Thief

When his lifetime savings are recklessly spent and he is at the risk of losing his new job, Sandy Patterson is left desperate. He makes a deal with the police to find the thief and bring her to them. He somehow does that but an unexpected bond grows during their journey.

Life of the Party

Deanne decides to put her life back in order after her husband leaves her for another woman. She goes back to school on the same campus as her daughter.  She somehow manages to make the worst time of her life one of the best times of her life.

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