Career Ideas For Single Moms

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Life is never easy but when you’re a single mother, things take on a whole new intensity of difficult. Managing a career, household obligations, and duties as a mom can overwhelm even the most strong-willed people. 

Single moms have it harder than the working family with two incomes and help running the household, but as fierce women prove every single day,  it isn’t impossible to thrive at this thing we call life. Choosing a career that’s single-parent friendly is one of the easiest ways to minimize the challenges.

Great Careers for Single Moms

Careers in health care, public relations, real estate, and sales are most flexible and perhaps a good place for single moms to embrace their unique lifestyle. But, it’s not a specific industry or position or even a company that’s best for single moms, but instead the qualities and criteria the company offers its employees. 

Single moms want a job that is fulfilling, so the selected position should always provide excitement and interest. Since single moms may need to work specific hours, so flexibility is important.  

The best employers for single moms understand that sometimes daycare closes, high fevers cause the need to pick up their child from school, and that mishaps can and will happen. They understand that sometimes, single moms have no one to call to help them with the children.

If it were your job or your child, which would you choose? Besides, single moms aren’t given a choice when it’s time to take care of their kids, whatever that means for the day. It’s a tough call for single moms who depend on the job to take care of their children; one they should not be forced to make. When the right employer is chosen, there is relief and assurance that you can be a parent and a good employee. 

How to Find a Great Career

Some single moms use loans to start their own business. As a business owner, single moms make the rules and never answer to a higher-up. Plus, as a business owner, single moms feel rewarded and earn more money. 

Where should single mothers begin to find a great career that offers them flexibility, good pay and benefits, and enjoyment? A plethora of sources offer insight into companies offering positions suitable for single parents. Use several sources to gather the best information. Sources of information and inspiration include:

  • Online: A quick search of the topic will reveal numerous pieces of information
  • Staffing Agencies: A staffing agency has a variety of jobs with many area employers, so it’s much easier to find a position offering greater flexibility.
  • Word-of-Mouth: Friends, coworkers, and acquaintances on social media provide information when it is needed the most. Don’t be shy and ask the closest people in your life for the details!
  • Job Fairs: Local job fairs bring employers from all industries together to find top talent to fill various needs for their company. Attending a job fair puts single moms in touch with many employers who may be understanding of the situation.

Final Thoughts

Single moms who want a career that pays well, offers good benefits, and allows them to take care of their main job without losing the 9 to 5, With the information above, it is easier to find that position. Single mothers of all ages can benefit their lives tremendously when they have the right job.

As a single mom running a business, you should constantly look for career opportunities and strive to retain your customers. There are a lot of business retention strategies. If you have no retention ideas, check out this article from Caseo

Whether you are looking for customer or employee retention strategies, there are different strategies to drive business growth. You just need to find those that work best for your business and take advantage of as many career opportunities as possible.

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