Colby O’Donis Is Finding His Fame

When his single “What You Got” was released, the fame that hit Colby O’Donis was unreal. As he explains, the journey has been a lot of work: “It is a lot of kicking down doors and trying to make it happen”—and it happened. Late last year Colby received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording for his contribution on Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.” What keeps him motivated? His fans! “They are the best. I mean, they’ve shown so much support until now, so it’s been really cool,” says Colby. However, with all this fame and fortune comes a downfall. According to him, “it’s a little harder to find girls now…I mean, I don’t know if they really care about me, or what I am or what I’m for.”

And who inspires this new and rising artist? The one and only Elvis Presley. Headed for the top, Colby offers Faze readers some good advice: “If you have a dream, and you really believe in it, chase after it.” I’m sure The King would approve.

Colby O’Donis

Here’s the video for “What You Got” from Colby O’Donis, featured the oft-featured Akon:

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