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Do You Consider Yourself A Connoisseur Of The Finer Things In Life?

Everyone has their hobbies: whether they enjoy travelling, scrapbooking, painting, cars, or technology, there’s a range of things in life that a person can occupy themselves with. But there are a group of people who consider themselves connoisseurs – those who have a taste for the finer things in life. A connoisseur is a person who is considered to have a vast amount of knowledge and superior taste when it comes to the fine arts and cuisine, as well as other areas.

Connoisseur- sommelier

Generally, though, a connoisseur is regarded as someone with a careful eye for things that stand out above the rest of its kind. That’s why you might mainly know them as people who are considered cuisine experts (they’re the ones who are usually in the spotlight).

It’s not just about having excellent taste: a connoisseur must also be incredibly knowledgeable about the thing they’re interested in. In the case of food, that also means having some sort of hands-on experience when it comes to the culinary arts. In essence, they are experts – but also renowned critics – in the culinary world.

If you live in a big city then there are lots of opportunities to experience fine dining and high-quality foods. That’s why food connoisseurs love the Food Dudes for their contributions to the culinary community: their top-tier catering, fine dining, and trend-setting food trucks are what keep people coming back for more. Using only the finest locally-sourced ingredients, and designing menus meant to amaze, any connoisseur can see that this catering company has an eye for the finer things in life.

Connoisseur Plates of Food

There Are Professional Connoisseurs Out There

Being a fine art or wine connoisseur is a serious business. For instance, art trade connoisseurs are crucial even today for being able to identify and attribute works of art to their original artists. They do this by having an eye for the style and technique used by the artist, and because of their skills they are often called upon when documentation is lacking.

More often you’ll hear about people wanting to become a wine connoisseur (maybe because it looks easy), but the truth is that it’s harder than it looks.

First of all, like any connoisseur, you need to be able to consider yourself an expert in that field. That means knowing your tannins and terroir. A wine’s tannin refers to its level of dryness, where its terroir is defined as the wine’s background; where it was grown (climate and soil type) and what other plants grow with it in that area.

If you don’t know this much, then it’s time to start studying – because yes, soil type, climate type, and neighbouring plants, do indeed have a huge impact on a wine’s flavour.

Turning your hobby into a job can either be a dream or a nightmare. Make sure that before you set out to be a connoisseur of anything that you’re prepared to take it seriously and to sink time into it. If you can manage it, though, it’ll be the best job you’ll ever have.

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