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Gamer Girls Travel Inspiration: Genshin Impact Lookalike Destinations

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Gaming offers various benefits, from enhancing confidence to fostering problem-solving skills and logic. It serves as a bridge to computer science, requiring players to delve into programming to shape their gaming experiences.

Catering to a more gender-aware masses, games like Genshin Impact showcase modern, empowering female characters, challenging the notion that male characters are essential for success. Despite some areas for improvement, there’s a noticeable shift towards better gender representation in such games, with less sexualization and violence than in the past.

Genshin Impact, created by miHoYo (now HoYoverse), is a popular open-world action RPG enjoyed by millions worldwide, with around 45% of its 4.8 million players in 2022 being female.

Another awe-inspiring part of the game is the inspiration for the game’s fictional countries. Whether you’re a Genshin Impact player or just curious, here are some travel destinations that might pique your interest.

France’s Mont-Saint-Michel and Switzerland’s Matterhorn

France’s Mont-Saint-Michel

Mondstadt is the first country you can visit when playing Genshin. Mondstadt City, the country’s capital, looks much like France’s Mont-Saint-Michel. A castle city in the middle of shallow seas, it’s relatively peaceful and well-guarded by authorities, making it a safe choice for female travellers.

Mondstadt’s Dragonspine mountain, reminiscent of Switzerland’s Matterhorn, is also enchanting for female travellers with a penchant for hiking mountains.

France’s Massif Central and Auvergne Mountains

France’s Massif Central and Auvergne Mountains

Being the latest country depicted in Genshin’s game world, France-inspired Fontaine has sprawling swaths of grasslands and mountains reminiscent of the Massif Central and the Auvergne Mountains. It seems to be a nod to Mondstadt, taking players on a nostalgic journey.

While there’s no direct real-life counterpart to Fontaine’s castle city layout, you can feel like you’re visiting Fontaine when exploring France’s historical castles or chateaux. For instance, Versailles Palace and Château de Chambord are considered some of the most visually appealing castles in France and relatively safe for female travellers.

India’s Udaipur Palace and Egypt’s Giza Pyramids

Udaipur Palace India

Drawing from cultural influences spanning India to Egypt, Sumeru is filled with exotic attractions.

Visit the real-life counterpart of Sumeru’s Akademiya at Udaipur Palace, offering a safe and culturally majestic experience of India’s historical sites. Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza also influenced Sumeru’s Mausoleum of King Deshret, inviting travellers to witness the awe-inspiring legacy of this ancient civilization.

Honghe Hani Rice Terraces and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China

Honghe Hani Rice Terraces

Liyue, with its oriental theme, references famous Chinese tourist spots. Qingce Village, known for its rice terraces, can be visited at China’s Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, providing a serene escape from bustling cities.

Liyue’s towering Huaguang Stone Forests are mirrored in China’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and served as a key inspiration for HoYoverse’s design of Liyue’s landmarks.

Himeji Castle and Kyoto, Japan

Himeji Castle

The world-famous Himeji Castle in Japan has inspired Tenshukaku, Raiden Shogun’s castle in Inazuma. The castle sees massive numbers of visitors from all over the world, thanks to the castle’s rich historical legacy.

Inazuma City, heavily inspired by Japan’s Kyoto, shouldn’t be neglected at all. Often dubbed as Japan’s cultural capital city, female travellers can immerse themselves in the city by trying Japanese traditional kimono dresses in shops that rent them to foreign travellers.

Genshin Impact rapidly gained immense popularity thanks to its captivating story, character design, gameplay, visuals, and soundtrack. The game also offers free in-game resources to “pull” or get new playable characters through completing in-game quests or events to complete its appeal.

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