4 Games That Let You Troll The Trolls

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When it comes to mythological creatures, few are more entangled in the world of gaming than trolls. True, this is mostly because it’s the term used to describe particularly annoying online players but, even before that, trolls would often appear in games.

More often than not, the word ‘troll’ is used as the English language equivalent of jötnaror ice giants. These monsters are most popular in Nordic and Scandinavian folklore, where they are often said to be on mountains, in forests, deep inside caves and under bridges. In the Old Norse tales, trolls were often incredibly deformed, with claws, fangs and occasionally even multiple heads. Their diet is equally as gruesome, with trolls often opting to eat anything from stones to livestock to human beings.

There are some fairy tales that build upon the mythology of trolls even further, adding extra flair like the idea that trolls turn into stone if they’re exposed to sunlight. Alternatively, others state that trolls are specifically attracted to the blood of Christian men. In more recent times though, it isn’t folklore that builds upon the legend of trolls, it is games. So, if you’re looking to encounter some big nasty trolls that you can defeat, here are four games to try.

God of War

First off, we have the newest game in the epic God of War franchise. While the previous games all took place in Greece (including above and below it), the 2018 title is set in Norway, where Kratos and his son must battle a number of Norse creatures of myth. Throughout the game, trolls are area bosses, huge and loud with a large rock they use to smush Kratos to smithereens. Many of these trolls also have incredible elemental abilities, either wielding fire or ice to make them even more deadly.

Troll Hunters

Console and PC games aren’t the only genres that have added trolls to the roster of characters, as the Norse creatures have also started to appear at online casinos. These days, there are thousands of popular online slots but few feature trolls quite as much as Troll Hunters. Strong Viking women appear in the wheels alongside runic symbols, beef joints and mugs of mead. Get the right combination and the reels will freeze over as a troll appears on the left-hand side. Continue getting rows of symbols and that troll will soon scatter.

Elder Scrolls Online

Trolls are a little smaller in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online, but no less terrifying. In fact, as their combat is far less predictable, these ice trolls can be significantly trickier to deal with. Of course, you’re here to beat these trolls up so with a good combat strategy you’re sure to succeed. Just make sure not to stay in the red zone once it appears as you could find yourself taking heavy damage.

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

Finally, we have the ugliest trolls of all: those in Middle-Earth: Shadows of War. In this game, trolls are truly hideous with bulging foreheads, massive nostrils and truly gnarly teeth. Like in God of War, the trolls in Shadow of War are often high-level bosses that you must defeat in order to fulfil a quest or move on in the game. Defeating them can be quite an ordeal but, since you’re here to slay, you might as well spend some time doing it.

There are plenty more games featuring trolls out there, and all you’ll have to do is hunt them done, smash their skulls and, hopefully, you’ll get those troll-killing kicks you’ve been seeking.

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