German Band Tokio Hotel Are Living The Dream

Barely even adults, the boys of German rock band Tokio Hotel are living the dream. Their North American release of Scream was met with as much success as it was in Europe.

When performing here for the first time, Bill Kaulitz loved the intensity of their fans and was glad they are just as engaged as fans back home.

“They are so excited and loud and alive—we love that,” he remarks.

Twin brother Tom laughs about the best (yet worst) part of touring: “You get to see so many hot girls, [but] you don’t have time to meet them all.”

When asked about their free time, they seem almost average, cherishing their sleep, food, and television. Together with bass guitarist, Georg Listing, and drummer, Gustav Schäfer, Tom (lead guitar) and Bill (vocals) are down to earth teenagers enjoying what they are doing and hoping to play ‘til they’re “old and grey [but still] able to walk on stage.”

Written by Faze’s Yanyi Ma

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