Ghost Drops Teams Up With Atlas Growers To Take Their Cannabis Global

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Whether you were enjoying cannabis back in the days of the legacy market or have only become an enthusiast since legalization, just about every marijuana fan in Canada knows the name Ghost Drops. Now one of the country’s most recognizable premium brands dating back to pre-legalization is making moves on the global stage. Ghost Drops has teamed up with Atlas Growers, an Alberta-based company with deep history and connections in the medical cannabis industry. In the partnership deal, Atlas will use its global contacts to bring Ghost Drops to new markets around the world, including Europe, Australia, South America, the U.S.A., and Israel.

Ghost Drops’ unique packaging, which has been a trademark since the very beginning of the company’s operations, is expected to make a major impact on the global market. While other brands are content to sell product in the same old plastic containers, Ghost Drops has always valued standing out from the crowd.

But back to the deal:

The first step of the distribution and licensing partnership between Ghost Drops and Atlas Growers will be connecting cannabis-loving Canadians in all parts of the country with the premium brand, as Ghost Drops places a high value on its grassroots in beautiful British Columbia and the wider Canadian market.

Ghost Drops has a well-earned reputation with cannabis fans, and Atlas Growers has equally strong relationships with Canadian distributors that will get the Ghost Drops name in front of marijuana aficionados across the country, whether they know Ghost Drops from the legacy market or not.

A trusted brand can go a long way in helping spread awareness of a great product to every region, especially in a vast country like Canada. Major metropolitan British Columbia cities like Vancouver, Victoria, and Kelowna already know the unique cannabis experience that Ghost Drops provides. Now smaller communities throughout the province and elsewhere in Canada will get their chance to find out what makes Ghost Drops special.

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Strong partnerships are at the center of almost every great success story. The fact that strong partnerships are just good business strategy is a driving force behind the partnership for both companies.

“We believe the market has been waiting for a brand like Ghost Drops to come in and shake things up,” says Atlas Growers president and CEO Sheldon Croome.

Canada is a big part of the market that the partnership intend to shake up, but their aspirations certainly don’t end there. Ghost Drops and Atlas are aiming to take the brand global, starting with major cities and then smaller communities throughout Europe, Australia, Israel, South America, and the United States.

Ghost Drops has more than an established reputation to rely on when it comes to proving itself against the global competition. The company knows how important an unforgettable style is to making waves in a competitive market. The brand’s endlessly eye-grabbing artwork has always been its signature calling card back in the days of Canada’s underground cannabis market. The legal market places much stricter guidelines on how products and packaging can be displayed, but Ghost Drops don’t plan on reining in their creativity.

Ghost Drops is stoked about the idea of breaking new ground by bringing its unique style to the legal market. Forget the drab plastic packaging that is so ubiquitous in the Canadian cannabis industry. Ghost Drops will do its legacy justice with stylish colored glass containers that will preserve the product inside as well as stand out on the shelf, thanks to its UV protective properties.

While great branding helps Ghost Drops to stand out, it is the quality of the cannabis that has made the company an icon of the Canadian market. The commitment to the brand’s motto “no ghost left behind” remains just as strong today, with Ghost Drops committed to bringing legacy product to the legal cannabis marketplace.

The partnership with Atlas Growers changes the scope of Ghost Drop’s operations by expanding to a global market, but the blue-ribbon Ghost Drops cannabis that aficionados have been embracing for years remains, thankfully, the same.

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