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5 Gift Ideas For This Year’s Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is coming, and being unprepared is prohibited. First of all, we need to start thinking about how we want to celebrate it. Are we having a cozy Valentine’s Day at home? Is it time for a romantic dinner? Or do we actually want to go big and plan a vacation?

These are all crucial questions, but their relevance is almost nonexistent if compared to the question: what are we gifting our loved ones?

Let’s be honest. For men, this is a stressful matter, and rightfully so. Women can be picky, want to be surprised, and hate being disappointed. Fortunately, to help you with this frightening task, we have selected 5 gift ideas that should get the job done.

Sneakers and sportswear

Sneakers - Summer Shoe Mistakes

Suppose your girlfriend is passionate about sports or, more simply, likes to exercise. In that case, there are some pleasant surprises in store. First of all, keep in mind that “technical” clothing pieces are becoming increasingly popular. They are often paired with more formal outfits, one more reason not to be afraid to give a sporty garment as a gift.

Vetements, Balenciaga and Gucci are leaders of the sports clothing sector and offer leggings and bras perfect for training and accessories of all kinds such as backpacks and quilts.

What about the sneakers? Always there to steal the show. The new trend is represented by sneakers inspired by trekking, made with materials and technologies designed for hiking while maintaining a style that is always unique and unmistakable.

A handbag

cross-body handbag

A woman’s best friend, the one that’ll never be out of style. A woman will always appreciate a bag, especially if you know what type of products she likes. For example, those offered by Angelia Ami are among the most comfortable ones. At the same time, Michael Kors bags amaze for their versatility.

If, on the other hand, you want to aim for something more extroverted, our advice is to take a look at the Desigual and Cult Gaia models.


pearlory jewelry

Evergreen par excellence, especially when you want to make a gift that will last forever. Speaking of that, this year’s Valentine’s Day could be the perfect chance to challenge the status quo and go for something different, more authentic. We are talking about handmade jewelry, pieces crafted with love and passion that will always be unique.

After all, finding the same item in an artisan’s handcrafted jewelry collection is virtually impossible. No machine is involved in the crafting process, and the artisan’s hands are the only tool.

A new smartphone

Smartphone, cellphone

Nowadays, smartphones are part of our daily life. However, some are still reluctant to the idea of having to learn this new “language”. So, what better chance than this Valentine’s Day to bring our wife closer to the world of technology? Fortunately, the market is full of exciting deals for accessible models to use and master.

A good book

reading book

Are you having trouble finding a good idea? Books are our life saviors, as usual. Gifting a lovely book is never a mistake. Perhaps you may choose one that is particularly meaningful for you. Alternatively, you could go for a book that can help your loved one through a difficult moment in her life.

Options are seemingly endless. And remember, it’s the thought that makes the difference.

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