How Do I Choose A New HVAC System In Midland, TX?

Look at Running and Energy Costs When You Choose a New HVAC System

HVAC air conditioner

Midland, Texas, has a semi-arid climate, and it is hot summers and cool winters may require you to install HVAC systems in your living and working spaces so that you live and work in comfort. How then do you go about choosing a new HVAC system for the property you need to occupy?

An HVAC system will often have you installing a separate air conditioner for the hot Midland summers and a furnace for the mild winters. The mild winters can also make the area suitable for a heat pump that can both heat and cool your living and working space. A heat pump makes for a convenient and efficient alternative to the traditional furnace and air conditioners.

When a heat pump is in cooling mode, it acts just like an air conditioner and uses a compressed refrigerant to remove the heat from any living space. But heat pumps also have a reversing valve that changes the direction in which the refrigerant will flow. This change of direction allows the refrigerant to pick up heat from the outdoors, and carry it into the place that needs to be heated. Heat pumps are very efficient electric heating systems. It can help to reduce the cost of heating by as much as 30 percent. They are equipment that is safer to use, as most other heating systems require the heating of surfaces.

Traditionally most HVAC systems that combine heating and cooling will have ductwork that allows the conditioned heated or cooled air to be distributed to the location where it is required. Such forced air systems must have ducts that are optimally designed to carry the air and need to be well maintained. The efficiency of these ducts can also affect the size of the furnace or air conditioners that supply the air that has been climate controlled. Also when it comes to AC repair midland options, it is important to factor in all constraints which might be important.

HVAC air conditioner

If you are planning to install an air conditioner as part of your HVAC system, you must take care to see that it is designed to cool the volume of air in your living or working space. Air conditioners use a refrigerant that is compressed to form a liquid that circulates in coils and absorbs the heat from the air while also removing some moisture.

Choose an air conditioner that has a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER. SEER should be over 16, though some units will have a SEER of 20, but will be more expensive, and not necessary for  Midland summers. Most of these high efficiency systems will have variable speed scroll compressors that are quieter than the older reciprocating compressors.

Furnaces work by burning natural gas, propane or other fuels and have an indoor combustion chamber that will create the heat that is required. This air is then forced into the ducts by fans and the heated air distributed to the rooms where it is required. Make sure that you choose a fuel-burning furnace that has a high annual fuel utilization efficiency. Modern-day furnaces can have efficiencies as high as 98 percent compared to the older models where it was rarely above 60 percent.

Budget can be a constraint while choosing an HVAC system, but make sure that you check on the annual energy and maintenance costs and opt for systems with higher efficiencies.

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