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How To Download High-Quality Videos From Facebook

3 proven quick and easy methods for pro-level downloading of videos in 2021

Do you ever need to save video from your Facebook feed? We all know that Facebook doesn’t give any feature to download videos within the social platform. Facebook doesn’t offer links or download buttons.

How to download 4k videos from Facebook, HD videos, and all other high-quality formats without quality loss. In this article, we’re going to share three proven and working methods of the professional seamless FB video download.

How many times have you seen something really worthy inside your Facebook feed and decided to share it with your friends on your own page as your own content? You can repost it, of course. But if you want to post it by yourself?

These three methods that we suggest to use in this article will help you to save any video with just one link.  It may seem complicated, but with the instructions, any of the methods will work for you.

Why do people download videos from Facebook? Do only professional Facebook users need to download content in the original quality right from the feed? Nope, normal users also have reasons to save videos from Facebook.

Download content from Facebook to inspire and learn

Facebook’s social media platform is a brilliant treasure to find worthy content from the industry leaders, from your rivals and competitors, and the most popular brands that use promotion through Facebook. You can download these videos in the highest quality and have them as an endless treasure box to inspire upcoming ideas.

Get content from FB to spy and analyze as a professional

Have you seen a video on Facebook that has an enormous number of comments and reposts? Have you ever thought of getting this video for future reuse? Now you can do deep analysis of any Facebook content as you can download it to your device memory.

Download all videos from one event

Now you have no need to ask your friends and relatives to waste their time sending you content they made from the same event where you’ve been together. You can save the videos they’ve posted online. Save videos from their private pages in a few moments with these three methods.

Methods of saving Facebook videos on the device memory:

#1 Download videos from Facebook via source code

This is a rare-known method. It is so because the whole process looks difficult. This method doesn’t require any additional software or extensions. You should follow this instruction – and after you’ve found a video that’s needed to be saved it will be in your device memory in a few seconds.

facebook video download

#1 Find the video content you’d like to download, play it

#2 Click the “Share” button

#3 Click “Copy Video URL”

# 4 Now paste the URL in your Chrome browser, and change “WWW” to “m”

#5 Now tap Enter on your keyboard

#6 Now is the most frightening step: the developer console in your browser. Click “Alt + J” for Windows or “Alt + CMD + J” for macOS.

#7 Inspect the video element using the arrow icon at the top left of the console.

#8  Click on the video, and you will see a box on the console.

#9 Copy the video URL from here

#10 Paste the URL in another tab in your browser and click Enter.

#11 After you’ve opened a video, make a right-click on it and tap “Save Video As”.

#12 Select the location on your device to download your video

#2 Save Facebook video with Opera app method

If you want to download a video from Facebook right to your smartphone gallery – you can use an Opera browser app. While there’s no download button on the Facebook app in the basic Android or IOS browsers, Opera has one.

With this app method, you can download any video from social media just using one click.

Follow this 7-step instruction.

#1 Close the Facebook application.

#2  Go to Google Play Store or an App Store

#3  Search for an Opera Mini app

#4 The app is ultra-popular – it’s been downloaded 100 million times.  Install this application without any fears.

#5  After the downloading and installing process has been completed  click on the open button

#5 Select the language of the browser and click continue

#6 Now go to – inside the Opera browser

#7 Logging into your Facebook account through the Opera browser

#8 Now find here a video which you want to download

#9 Click on this video

#10 You will see a download option now

#11 Click “Download” and choose a folder to save the content right on your smartphone memory

#3 Save Facebook video with an Online Downloader tool by Inflact

You can save Facebook video through an online web tool is a two-step process. It is the simplest one among others, as it doesn’t require an installation of any apps or getting inside the HTML codes.

facebook video download

#1 Find the content you want to save from Facebook.

#2 Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the Facebook app (or website) interface.

#3 Copy the link.

#4 Paste the link into the insert line of the Facebook Downloader by Inflact

#5 Tap a download button

The content will immediately be saved to the Downloads folder (or any other you’ve chosen)

Hopefully these instructions will help you to get any content from social media for your goals. Any of these methods will help you to save videos in the original quality – the same as the author of the content had while uploading it. Screen video of the content you need to save won’t ever be so high-quality as the direct download from Facebook.

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