How To Pack Fragile Items When Moving

The majority of people are scared of moving only because they cannot imagine how to carry all the stuff to another place. Whether you have a full set of china or a few plates, these have to somehow be transported to your new home or Global Guardians property, preferably without any damages., preferably without any damages. To do so, one requires either excellent packing knowledge or a professional team of movers. Here you will find a scenario for both cases and no worries anymore!

Hiring professional movers in Pasadena moveprola.com can easily become a solution to a number of challenges connected to moving: search of the truck, carrying of stuff, and sometimes even packing. Since it is not easy to carry all the boxes and furniture in and out throughout the whole day, there are guys who will eagerly help you with that. This is nothing but a smart investment as it saves your nerves and energy for further unpacking and settling in.

 moving fragile furniture 

Packing Breakables

Even if you ordered moving services, there is still some work to do, namely sorting and packing of the stuff. The most important part of which is undoubtedly packing of fragile items. Therefore, you will need the following set of supplies:

  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Dish packs and glass packs boxes

When it comes to different small though fragile items, it is highly advisable to be generous with the boxes. To pack these items, one requires pillows and blankets. The technique is as follows: to place a blanket on the bottom, then the item wrapped with paper, and then a pillow on the top. The box is to be sealed and marked as containing fragile objects.

moving fragile furniture

For other items, use the following tips:

  • plates: the best way is to put plates into small or medium boxes lined with paper on the bottom and top. Each plate is to be wrapped in bubble and secured with tape and then separated by the paper.
  • glasses: wrap each glass individually with packing paper and crumpled paper inside of them. When putting glasses into the boxes, try to place heavy items on the bottom with lighter ones on top.
  • frames: it is better to place picture frames in paper wrap and then line them in the small or medium boxes with crumpled paper in between. When frames are large, one should secure them with a moving blanket, plastic wrap or even move them separately.
  • vases: use special tall boxes so that each vase is packed individually. To protect the vase inside of the box, use the bubble wrap for outside wrapping and newspaper to fill the space inside of it.
  • table lamps: similar to vases, lamps also require special tall boxes. Bulbs must be removed prior to packing. The lamp itself should be wrapped with bubble wrap, put into the box and securely taped.

Given the opportunity to both hire professional movers and pack every item properly, you will never experience any trouble with the moving process.

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