Heartthrob Jesse McCartney Interview

Beautiful Boy, Lovely Soul

“I’m very, very thrilled and excited about the people I’m working with and will work with in the future,” Jesse McCartney says of his very successful debut album, Beautiful Soul. “My first recording experience was in this boy band (Dream Street). It was all pop music. It was sugar-coated, bubble gummy pop, and I would never even have thought to submit a song or write a song. It was always handed to me or spoon-fed. And now, since this solo project came along about two years ago – it took two years to do this whole thing – I’ve had so many opportunities to say, ‘No, we’re not doing that, we’re gonna do this, or yeah, that’s a great idea.’”

Jesse McCartney
Aww, isn’t Jesse McCartney adorable

Jesse started acting and singing at the age of 7, and the Irvington, New York native began his career in musical theatre. His first big role was Oliver, and when the production was over, Jesse knew he had only just begun. Eventually, he landed the part of Adam Chandler, Jr. on the daytime soap All My Children, and at the same time, he was hired to join the platinum-selling boy band Dream Street.

But for Jesse, who co-wrote some of the songs on the album, the collaboration is the best part, “getting to hear other people’s ideas as well as my own, so I know that I’m getting a piece of myself onto the album.”

Photo courtesy of Universal Music.

Written Faze contributor Lauren Bailey

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