Kristinia DeBarge Is Finally Getting Exposed

Kristinia DeBarge

Britney’s back and Kristinia DeBarge is going on tour with her. She will be promoting her new album, Exposed, which includes her single, “Goodbye.”

As the daughter of James DeBarge—one member of the famous 80s family group DeBarge—some might think this pop-royalty gal has it made, but she has had to prove herself every step of the way. Kristinia not only sings, but writes too, with two of her songs appearing on the album.

What does Kristinia want you to know about her? Well, she’s like every other 19-year-old trying to figure it all out. In fact, if she wasn’t a singer, she may have enjoyed a career in biblical archaeology—so it’s fair to say her interests are many!

However, if you’re like Kristinia and want to become a singer, her advice is: “Determination, patience and passion.”

In the future, we may see her collaborating with Ne-Yo and The Black Eyed Peas, so keep an ear out!

Kristinia DeBarge

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