The Lylas: They’ll Love You Like A Sister

Bruno Mars and his sisters are living proof that talent truly does run in the family.

His four sisters, Jaime, Tiara, Tahiti and Presley, are in an all-girl band called The Lylas, which stands for “Love You Like a Sister.”

The Lylas, Bruno Mars' Sisters

Growing up in Honolulu, Hawaii the Lylas were surrounded by a lot of support and musical influences. Their father, a big Elvis Presley fan, had a show in Hawaii where Bruno often participated as an Elvis impersonator and family support was easy to find. “Our entire family was in the show,” the group says. “Jaime sang with the teen notes portion while Tiara, Tahiti and Presley would dance the twist with the Chubby Checker impersonator.”

As the Lylas practically grew up on a stage, it’s no surprise to see them making a name for themselves. The gorgeous ladies have not only landed a modelling deal in the Philippines, but you will certainly see more of them when their new reality documentary series hits WeTv. The show will document their transition as they move from Hawaii to Los Angeles and the journey they encounter recording their new debut album.

“Our fans will get to see the dynamic relationships of being sisters and business partners. Sisters tend to never hold back with each other and we DEFINITELY do not,” they say.

The Lylasthe lylas

And these girls certainly don’t hold back when it comes to honesty. Their new single, “Come Back” is filled with lyrics that ring true. “‘Come Back’ is about how we were wrong in a relationship. Girls hate to admit when they are wrong,” they tell Faze.

If you’re curious to know what the rest of the album will sound like after listening to “Come Back” (and going back to hit the replay button on repeat), you can definitely expect to hear some more fun and upbeat songs. “We love reggae, pop, blues, R&B, dub step, country and the oldies; they all play a huge role when it comes to [our] influence.”

Their debut album is expected to be released later this year, but to get you hyped up for the wait be sure to check out their docu-series on WeTv premiering later this year and in the mean time, check out their new single “Come Back” on iTunes and YouTube.

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