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Movie Review: “Prom”

Prom Movie

Girls are dreaming of the perfect Cinderella moment and guys are sweating over the perfect corsage (and maybe thinking what’s a corsage?). Prom is definitely a night for high expectations. But it’s also a night most couples will never forget—for the good, or the bad.

Picking a Prom Dress

Following several students with their intertwined lives, the movie focuses on Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden, Friday Night Lights): straight-A student, head of Prom Committee and all-round perfectionist. She wants everything that goes along with the perfect prom: the greatest dress, greatest guy, greatest high school memory. Everything seems to be lining up until her prom dreams go up in flames–literally. To make matters worse, her perfect date treats her like she’s perfectly invisible AND she’s forced by her principal to spend afternoons with bad-boy Jesse (Thomas McDonell), who hates prom. Emotions run high in this movie about one of the biggest and best high school rites of passage.

Prom Movie

Here’s the breakdown:

Romance: What would a prom be without romance?! Aimee Teegarden will have to try really hard not to fall for bad-boy Thomas McDonell. If you liked 10 Things I Hate About You, then you’ll love this multiple-storyline high school hit.

Humour: Absolutely! Nicholas Braun (Sky High, Princess Protection Program), as tries-too-hard Lloyd Taylor, delivers one hilarious scene after another. His awkward teen ways make him totally loveable–and laughable!

Music: Great tune in this one: tracks by Simple Plan, Allstar Weekend, cutie Thomas McDonell’s band, Moon and more!

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Review By Dana Marie Krook

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