Omarion Is Mr. Nice Guy


Meet a nice guy. Meet Omarion, former lead singer of R&B group, B2K. And now he’s ready to stand up on his own, take responsibility as a solo star. With his debut album, simply titled, O, Omarion will convincingly tease you into a spot with his silky love ballads. “You know it’s apart of life,” he says when asked about all the screaming, raving fans that throng his shows. “I am flattered that they come for the music, for the energy I put out there with each show, and so I must do my best,” Omarion reflects humbly.

As the oldest child in a household with many siblings and a hard working mother, Omarion learned his responsibilities towards his family at an early age and continues to live up to them. “I have grown up wanting to take care of my family,” Omarion says. “My manager, I look up to as a father figure, and as the oldest sibling, I always knew I wanted to do something to help out as much as possible.”

With an upcoming memoir in the making and appearances on television shows such as The Bernie Mac Show, Omarion’s plate seems to be overflowing with as many diversions as he chooses. But for now, he’s already scored a collaboration with Big Boi (Outkast) for “Never Gonna Let You Go” on O while writing five of the songs on the same album. “I like music,” he says, making it all look so easy, “and in my spare time, I like playing pool. But music is my life.”


Photo courtesy of Sony Music.

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