Have an Online Store? You Need to Use These Amazing Apps

As a small business owner, you will need whatever help you can get to make a profit and encourage customers to visit your website. You don’t necessarily need to hire a new staff member to reach these goals. You can make a difference with your sales numbers by downloading a few useful apps.

A Courier Broker

Shipping costs can eat away at your budget, especially when you’re sending products to customers all across the world. If you’re trying to give your customers the impression that your shipping is free or dirt-cheap in hopes of getting them to spend more, it will cost you even more money.

What you should do is download a courier broker app to compare shipping rates from different companies, along with delivery times and methods, so you can choose what is ideal for your budget. With the right broker, you can find the cheapest shipping within Canada for Shopify e-commerce and within the United States of America, as well.

You don’t have to sacrifice so much of your company budget on product deliveries. How can the business thrive if you’re constantly draining your resources? By choosing a courier broker app, you can receive up to 70% in savings and find a better use for your money.

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Plug in SEO

If you’re hoping to reel in more customers, you need to start using search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your website’s standing and accessibility in online searches. In a sense, it makes your website much easier to find. You can’t expand your audience if no one can reach you.

The app Plug in SEO will check your store to see if you are using the best page titles, meta descriptions and keywords to boost your online performance. After finding the weak spots, you can follow the directions to make these aspects of your website much stronger. Soon, you’ll find that your store is getting more visitors than ever before.

Swym Wishlist Plus

Swym Wishlist Plus is a Shopify app that allows customers to put items on a wish list if they can’t buy them at that particular time. You’ll notice that the ecommerce behemoth Amazon offers this option to buyers who feel like doing the online version of “window shopping.”

One of the reasons why wishlists boost website sales is that they let you keep tabs on customers that are interested in your merchandise — they have a toe in the door already, so it’s easy to pull them in. Whenever you decide to offer store-wide discounts or holiday sales, you should send them reminders that they should finally make that purchase they put on the back burner.

The method won’t cause an immediate jump in sales, but it works in the long-run.

You don’t have to hire new staff members to help your store cut costs, gain customers and raise profits. For one, you don’t have the budget to take on more employees. Secondly, you can get those exceptional results by finding the right apps through Shopify.

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