Reasons Behind Conflicting Psychic Readings

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Have you ever faced the problem of readings being completely different when you have opted for psychic readings from two different psychics? The question then remains as to why the readings differ even when your questions to the psychics remain the same. Such discrepancies or differences are not uncommon and there are some very good reasons for them.

You have to understand that the timing for a psychic reading influences its outcome; so, when psychic readings are done on two consecutive days, whether in-person or by phone, the readings are likely to be distinct. Besides, a psychic reading is obtained from a higher consciousness; so, at any time, the psychic offering the reading can use his own free will to take another path.

Reasons why psychic readings are often conflicting:

#1)  Different methods
One of the main reasons why psychic readings for the same client may differ on two separate occasions is because of the tools the psychic makes use of.  For instance, when your psychic uses an Ouija board, he can communicate with spirits. But if the current situation you are in does not include interactions with those who have passed over, this tool is useless and the reading can be flawed. You may end up getting advice for something which holds no value for you. Again, if you are not aware of your birth time, astrology cannot help. Astrology can be a precise tool to give you accurate predictions about your future, but is not useful when you do not have the right timing. If you offer incorrect information to your psychic, he will make incorrect predictions. Similarly, tarot card readings can also differ from one psychic to another because there are many types of tarot decks, some even with missing information.

#2)  Timing
The timing of the psychic reading can make a difference too. For instance, if you get two readings a few days away from each other, you can get a completely different prediction the second time. This is because the psychic feels and senses your energy during a session. When you go to him a few days later, the energy may be different and the psychic senses that new energy this time around. Many people prefer re-visiting a psychic a few days after their first reading. This happens usually because they are not happy with the first lot of predictions. It is like going for a second opinion but by the time they go for the next reading, they have also changed. Their energies have been released and re-delivered. The second reading is invariably better than the first. A gloomy forecast can make them more resilient and stable, leading to better predictions.

#3)  Your personal connection
Finally, temperament can make a big difference between two psychic readings. It is a known fact that you get along better with some people more than others. For instance, a psychic may not be too fond of you and might not focus hard on giving you a good reading. So, when choosing a psychic, you should select someone with whom you are comfortable talking.


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