Remote Learning Can Be For Everyone: How To Make It Real

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Remote learning has been around for many decades but it was narrowly by certain circles of users. In formal education it was used for rare occasions and didn’t have widespread acceptance among students and teachers. However, with the advent of COVID-19, things have changed, and so has the attitude to online education. That’s why we should pay attention to learning accessibility in the current situation.

The problem of accessing remote learning

The global pandemic caused numerous issues and consequences for humanity. These problems take place in almost every sphere of living. If we discuss changes in education for all sides – students, tutors, and parents – we’ll make 2 important findings.

On the one hand, it highlighted the real crisis in the educational process. Most establishments and individuals weren’t ready to change their routines and keep learning. Teachers weren’t keen on teaching pupils via apps and other software for remote teaching. Students haven’t proper access to educational materials, technical equipment, and high-quality Internet connection. That’s why real issues are revealed and should be improved in the future.

On the other hand, a need to find proper solutions due to current circumstances makes us find efficient tools and instruments to improve the educational process. Depending on issues students face, they can use modern technologies to improve their experience during education. For instance, using an academic transcription service that helps to convert audio or video to text. Another great example is using online grammar tools. These apps help check grammar spelling context in academic papers to avoid mistakes without spending much time on editing. Anyway, such apps and tools are very efficient and acceptable.

The current experience of remote learning

At the moment, many students lack computers, Internet access and face other technical issues with remote learning. Parents may lose their jobs and be unable to take care of all such issues. Often older students have to take care of younger siblings and experience double pressure. At the same time, teachers and administration members try to figure out how to make remote learning accessible for everyone.

That’s the reason why we have to use this experience with COVID-19 restrictions as a chance to improve online education. Thanks to proper steps, it’s possible to make it accessible for students no matter their age, location, status, and so on. With the following recommendations, there would be much better results in such a challenging fight.

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Define the missing things

The first task for the educational system is to rethink the available equipment and accessories for teachers and students. Before the global pandemic, it seemed that every establishment in a big city had access to the Internet. But in the first months of lockdown, most tutors weren’t able to online translate their lessons online because of multiple reasons.

So the availability of the Internet, the connection quality, enough computers, and other equipment is the first stair-step we stumble upon. What else should we say if many classes still lack glue, scissors, pencils, and other basic equipment for pupils?..

Propose a variety of options

Some students can look at a screen all day long and feel well, productive, and satisfied. But other individuals require more active types of projects to develop skills and knowledge. The main keyword in this situation is flexibility. Remote learning should mention that people differ from each other. They all have strengths and weaknesses so require a flexible attitude.

Using different apps for communication, preparing versatile group-based projects, having an individual approach for the exact subject – all these options work. Flexible activities allow students to keep students exciting and productive as well.

Prepare high-demand content

Many educational programs are too old-fashioned nowadays. We have faced a situation when students keep learning topics and subjects in classes that don’t bring the skills. Such a waste of time is a huge problem that was invisible before. As a result, now it’s important to reveal the content and study materials that are requested.

After the programs are updated, it’s important to organize educational materials well. Online libraries, storages, supporting systems – all these things are a must. After developing proper platforms, then it’s time for systematization and organization. So then educational establishments can make a proper system to open access for students to all classes and materials.

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Talk to members of the educational process

Students and teachers are the core elements of this process. As a result, they are the best sources of information to detect problems and develop solutions. For instance, if a student with disabilities can’t catch difficult words from a video class, then no one from the administration will know it before that student shares his or her issues. If a teacher lacks a virtual dashboard to plan lessons, then only this teacher will know about such a problem.

That’s why it’s important to bring communication inside an educational community to a better level. After defining the main problems, it is easier to give students and teachers essential tools for improving remote learning.

Develop connections

People are social animals and need a gang to participate in it. It is fair for everyone, including teachers, students, parents, etc. We may use different achievements of the technological era like automatic transcription tools, mobile Internet, remote workplace, etc. But we still need another person to rely on.

That’s why it’s vitally important to help them build connections between all members of the educational process. Besides, the system should connect people from the exact group and individuals of different statuses. For instance, developing communication between students of the exact college is as important as students with teachers.

The best we can do now, no matter the area – use challenges as a tool to brighten our experiences. Remote learning isn’t something that we will forget about after the pandemic ends. This is a massive part of the educational system that will always be in demand. That’s why every member of it – students, parents, teachers, administrations – have to participate in its development.

Let’s use these examples to develop a better educational process for all members! Step-by-step, achievements will become more noticeable and valuable!

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