Richest Football Club Owners In The World Right Now


The introduction of the European Super League has cast a big question towards rich club owners. The words on the streets are that these club owners are all about buying their way into a competition. And that has gone against most fans, former football players and pundits. The whole idea of European Super Cup does not carry the merit of the online casino game whatsoever rather, it’s a money-making scheme at the end of the day.

On that note, let’s share with you some of the richest football club owners in the world right now.

Roman Abramovich (Chelsea) – $12.5 billion

Chelsea became one of the most popular names in world football after Roman Abramovich bought the club in 2003. Abramovich, an ambitious figure hungry for instant success, wasted little time in making his mark at Chelsea. He went on and signed Jose Mourinho in 2004 to become Chelsea’s manager. Mourinho ushered a new era at Stamford Bridge that created a winning mentality from the Chelsea team with some brilliant players over the past years.Did know that that you. Did you know at you can bet on your favourite player and stand a chance to win.

In addition, Chelsea have won 16 trophies and that include five Premier League titles and one Champions League trophy.

Dietmar Hopp (Hoffenheim) – $18.5 billion

Dietmar Hopp is unpopular among Bundesliga fans and has been chastised for his role in Hoffenheim ascent.  Hopp’s financial involvement with Hoffenheim dates back to 1990, and he was instrumental in the club’s transition from Kreisliga to Bundesliga.

Andrea Agnelli (Juventus) – $19.1 billion

Andrea Agnelli, is one of the individuals that have been advocating for the introduction of European Super League. His decision of appointing Antonio Conte as the manager of Juventus in 2011 made the club to be very dominant in the league. The Old Ladies have won nine consecutive Serie A titles making some great new talent from the Academy as well.

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