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Running Gear Essentials For Beginners


We all know that running is a great way to stay fit and keep your body healthy physically and mentally. Whether you’re a beginner, recreational runner or a pro, there are key gear essentials to ensure you have an enjoyable and efficient running experience. For those of you new to running and wondering where to start, this gear guide breaks it down to the bare basics to get you started. Throw these in your gym bag and you’re good to go!


Although shoes are an obvious necessity, it is extremely important that you find the perfect shoe for you. Do you have a normal gait? Pronate? Supinate? Have no idea what we’re talking about? Make sure you visit a professional who is knowledgeable about running shoes to help you through the process. Running with improper shoes can damage your feet, cause you pain, and slow down your progress.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

You’ll want to find the perfect fitting sports bra before you begin your running journey. The most important factor when choosing a sports bra is that you are comfortable when running and jumping around while wearing it: the bra should support your body and prevent any breast pain or discomfort when running.


Every runner needs a solid pair of running tights. They help reduce the risk of chafing in the inner thigh area and are perfect to wear on colder days: they’ll keep you warm and won’t weigh you down the way sweatpants or track pants will.

Long Sleeve Shirt

You’ll want to invest in a long sleeve shirt specific to running and exercising so your body can properly sweat, release body heat and wick away moisture. It will allow you to stay warm while training and is great for layering.


Socks may seem like a small deal, but a runner’s worst nightmare is foot blisters. The best way to avoid them is to wear the proper socks. Blisters are caused by moisture and rubbing. You’ll need to find a pair of running socks that fit well (no stretched out droopy socks!) and are made with the proper materials and fibers to allow your feet to stay dry and cool.


There are a large variety of running shorts. When choosing shorts you’ll want to find a pair that best benefits your needs. Some runners prefer loose fitting shorts with a moisture-wicking liner, while others prefer a tighter fit to increase blood flow to the muscles. Choose the shorts that you feel most comfortable in!


The right jacket will keep you warm, protect you from the elements, and allow your body to breathe, all without slowing you down. Great for layering.


When you’re focused on running you may not be thinking about sun damage to your skin and the risk of skin cancer. Find a sweat proof sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 with full spectrum (offers both UVA and UVB) protection. Eau Thermale Avène offers a great line of sun care products designed to keep you sun safe. Faze is proud to support The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund!

GPS Watch

Depending on the GPS watch you can now track your distance, speed, average pace, route, heart rate, sleep patterns and more. Being able to track your progress will help motivate you to push yourself further each time you run. This TomTom Spark 3 does all the above, plus it can play up to 500 songs directly from the watch!

Yoga Foam Roller

At the end of a long, hard training day your body will be recovering. Using a foam roller to roll out your muscles will help prevent pain and stiffness and help improve your recovery time. It’s great to make part of your stretching and warm-up routine as well.

Nike+ Run Club App

This App is a must. It has a lot of great features, but most important to you would be its personalized coaching feature. The Nike+ Coach can help you with a plan for achieving whatever goal you’ve set for yourself and will adapt as you make progress.

Enjoy your run!


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