Sandi Thom Making Dreams Come True

Talk about making your dreams come true. Singer/songwriter Sandi Thom, 24, had the innovative idea to stage a world tour from her home in South London. Early this year, Thom brought a tour to her fans via live webcast. News spread quickly, and soon her audience skyrocketed to 70,000 viewers, ranging from Russia to New Zealand.

“None of us really thought it would take off that much–it was just a bit of a laugh,” says Thom. But the payoff has been huge. Two weeks after the tour, she signed a record deal with RCA, which was also broadcast live by webcam, naturally. Her first album, Smile…It Confuses People, with its catchy single “I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker”, debuted on the UK chart at #1 in June.

Thom describes her music as “folk/soul/pop” and explains that she’s interested in a nostalgic “turning back to when artists played live [and] stuck around for 25 years”, much like her musical influences, which range from Stevie Wonder to Stevie Nicks. Here’s hoping that Thom will be around for a long, long time.

The artist: Sandi Thom, whose modern pop/folk songs capture an
era gone by.

Right now
: Thom spent this summer touring the U.K. and the U.S.,
and will continue throughout the fall.

Coming up: No slacker, she’s already at work on her second album.


Written by Faze contributor Lori Delorme

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