Seasonings Every Home Cook Should Have In Their Kitchen

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Seasonings are a home cook’s best friend. They can liven up any dish. Sometimes when cooking it may seem like you reach for the same three seasonings every time. All your dishes are starting to taste the same even though they may have been cooked totally differently. If you are looking for a way to spice up your spice rack, here are some spices that every home cook should have no matter the dish. Make sure you pick up some of these flavor gods seasonings.

Ground Allspice

Allspice is great for marinating, putting in stews, preserves, pies, barbecue sauce and even baked goods. Allspice comes from the berry of a Caribbean evergreen tree. The unripe berry as aromatic notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and remnants of cloves. If you eat ketchup or jerk chicken, allspice is a crucial ingredient to both, so it is no wonder this spice is included in the list.


If you cook a lot of Italian dishes, basil is a must and it is non-negotiable. This universal seasoning goes great with other seasonings like thyme, garlic, oregano, lemon and tomato sauce. It is perfect for rice dishes, potato dishes and egg-based dishes. It is recommended that you use fresh basil, if possible, in addition to the dried, chopped basil in your spice rack.

Bay Leaves

This is another staple that every home cook needs for cooking some of the best meals or teas. This dried leaf gives off a woody taste and they are very potent. When cooking with these, you only need one or two max depending on how much you are cooking. These are great to use in soups, stews, and marinades. Remember, you only need one so once you purchase a whole pack of them you should be good for a while.

Black Peppercorn

There is nothing more back to basics than pepper. Salt and pepper are common staples at any dinner table. Take it up a notch and get yourself a pepper grinder and fresh peppercorn. The taste of freshly ground pepper is unrivaled.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne is key if you like your food with a little kick. It is made from small cayenne chili pepper peppers. It is typically used in a number of Cajun and Southern dishes. This is the perfect spice to keep in stock if you are someone who loves to put hot sauce on almost everything.

Chili Powder

This is a spice to keep on deck at all times if you are someone who loves to cook Mexican or Southwestern dishes. Although it may be hard to tell, chili powder is a combination of a bunch of spices mixed into one. It could include things like chilies, oregano, coriander and cumin.

Ground Cinnamon And Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon is crucial if you are someone who has a sweet tooth. It is a great thing to add to a number of baked goods as well as coffee drinks. You could even add it to stews, chilis and curries for an earthy flavor. Cinnamon can do it all, therefore making it a staple to add in your list of seasons you must have as a home cook.

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