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Social Gaming In 2018 – The Modern Woman’s Choice

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Social gaming can be traced back over 5000 years, from the time of ancient Egypt to the present day. Social gaming involves game mechanics and social interaction between players. This concept has existed for thousands of years, the only thing changing being the medium through which the game is played and the scope of player interaction. The ancient Egyptian game of Senet, followed by Chess and then Snakes and Ladders. These games are the foundation upon which today’s social games are based.

Of all the social games played worldwide none is more loved than bingo. The stereotype of the ‘older’ group of women gathering in large numbers to play Friday night bingo comes to mind instantly. Online game developers have been looking at ways of bringing these games online, starting with classics such as hangman. The game essentially works exactly the same way with the only exception, that players don’t have to leave their homes. It may seem contradictory that a social game doesn’t require the players to leave their homes but this is the world we live in, where we are all connected through the internet regardless of being in each other’s physical presence or not.

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Modern women can therefore enjoy their favourite game at their own convenience. The game works pretty much the same online. Numbers are being called out in the game. The ones that match on one’s card have to be crossed out. The winner will be the first person to reach a consecutive pattern on the card from the drawn numbers. The proof of bingo’s unending appeal is the continued success of bingo brand mFortune, who is coincidentally one of the leaders in the mobile bingo sphere as well.

Social gaming is currently dominating the console and PC market. The games th do best are those that offer the best platform for individuals to play against one another. The research was done by Global games market intelligence firm, Newzoo. According to the study conducted across the U.S., U.K., and Australia, “37% of PC and mobile players play social casino games, such as bingo and others. Individuals aged 36-70 account for 60% of the social casino audience, and the genre is most popular in the U.S. where 39% of mobile and PC gamers play it.” This shows a huge market for this particular type of social gaming.  Looking at a country level, bingo is the most popular game in the U.K. with 55% of social casino gamers playing online bingo games and 26% indicating it is their favourite type.

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